31 January, 2008

Lost - Through The Looking Glass

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I finally watched last season's finale. would rather have watched Project Runway... but a repeat aired tonight. tonight's repeat of Lost included comments or notes I could read while watching the show. normally there's flashbacks but come to find out Jack's flashback was actually a flashforward. hmmm... a flashfront?

Charlie dies... the bad ass Soviet dude blew up part of the substation. how does the substation not become flooded since its underwater? how does Hurley remember where to find the van? why haven't I seen any of the stars of the show since it's filmed here? Selisha and I plan to go whale watching this Saturday... maybe it'll be where the Lost camp is set. but I'd rather see humpbacks. how is it that Walt grew so tall after 91 days? ha ha ha.

so who is Naomi? the actor who plays Dr. Nadler, James Lesure, also stars in Las Vegas. he must be the son of the interracial couple. the actor who plays Naomi also starred in Las Vegas several seasons ago. will James Caan also make an appearance on Lost? is he in the coffin? I think it must be Locke in the coffin... cuz he is neither friend nor family. at 1st I thought it was Sawyer... but Kate said something like: he'll be wondering where I am. so I assume it's Locke.

29 January, 2008


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swim (arms only... breast stroke) to station 2. no rest. run on sand to station 3 back to station 1. rest 3 minutes. 2 circuits.

overcast rainy afternoon. what does that mean? empty beach!!! started to rain as I changed in the parking lot. very windy too. went immediately into water to get warm. started to rain heavily while adjusting goggles. only other swimmers were the serious triathletes... probably Ann's gang, who swam in the deep. I swam close near the shore in less than knee high water depth... like an alligator does while hunting wildebeests or orcas beaching themselves while hunting seals. even though not so sunny, because nobody's kicking around sand in the shallows, which again I had all to myself, water's very clear. awesome. no jellyfish invasion. awesome. enjoy swimming using my arms only. feels good on upper body. by swimming so close to shore, my guts sucked in the entire time so as to not touch the sandy/rocky bottom. great ab workout. also I get to save my leg muscle energy when I run on the sand. I have to figure out a schedule where I do 1 lap w/out resting by the time Ann returns to the beach after giving birth, which should be about a month from now.

28 January, 2008

MTV - Priciest Cribs

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#3 Wayne Newton at $45 million
at least he earned his money. his place sits on a piece of 52 acres. from what I remember an acre is almost as big as a football field... so imagine 50 football fields. huge. its like he'd have downtown Honolulu and then some all to himself and his family. I had to write down some of the things in his home. he has a 17th century piano ($1 million), dining antique centerpiece ($500K), paintings ($2 million), 18th century bed in his master bedroom ($500 K), helicopter ($1.75 million), and 75 Arabian horses ($650K... think each horse is worth this much). basically the bed he sleeps in cost a little less than the median price of a home here on Hawaii. he has other animals on his property including penguins, peacocks and wallabies. don't know if he has any dogs.

#2 Hugh Hefner at $50 million
the Playboy mansion. because of all the parties he throws he has a restaurant style kitchen. he says that his kitchen and staff and all the food they make rivals that of a 4 star restaurant. he says he's like the reverse snow white, which means he has 7 lady friends. he has all these animals like spider monkeys and (Playboy) bunnies on the property. segment also showed the infamous grotto. don't know if he has any dogs... but some of the playmates do.

#1 Richard Branson at $150 million
basically he owns Necker Island, a part of the British Virgin Islands. he calls his property there 'The Great House'. he says that he bought the island when he was 24 for about $300K, which today is roughly the median price of a condo here in Hawaii. he built up the island a little by little. if one of his many artists, like Janet Jackson, had a hit he would build something. it cost about $46K/night to rent the place. with all his money he must have several dogs.

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Triceps

current song: Give It Up To Me by Sean Paul & Keyshia Cole on Power 104.3 FM

bike (recumbent) - 8 minutes, random, levels 8 & 9

dumbbell shrug
  • 10 / 120 avg (110, 120, 130)
rotary machine
  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 85
  • 8 / 100 = 83 avg
see saw
  • 10 / 15
  • 10 / 20 2x = 18 avg
lateral - rotary machine 1
  • 10 / 50
  • 8 / 55
  • 6 / 55 = 52 avg
upright cable row
  • 10 / 30 avg (25, 30, 35)
dip machine
  • 10 / 120 2x
  • 8 / 135 = 124 avg
extension machine
  • 10 / 70
  • 7 / 70
  • 4 / 70 = 70 avg (don't know why wasn't feelin' this machine today)
modular extension - vbar attachment
  • 10 / 40 2x
  • 8 / 50 = 42 avg
pushdown - rope attachment
  • 10 / 30
  • 9 / 35
  • 6 / 40 = 34 avg
pushdown - vbar attachment
  • 10 / 60
  • 9 / 65
  • 6 / 70 = 64 avg

27 January, 2008

Australian Open - Novak Djokovic Wins

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Novak Djokovic defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for his 1st major title. w/ his 2nd place finish Tsonga won $600K and change, pushing his career total over a million dollars. oh... and Novak won a cool million. I will win the Mega Millions. match was cool. too bad they're both 2hand backhanders. I just remembered... Martina Navratilova also is a 1hander. I think she won more overall titles than Steffi.

some company really needs to come out w/ a feature on TVs where the announcers can be muted and have all the other sounds coming from the sports event. I thought the announcers were sooo racist. because Tsonga has a resemblance to Ali they make all these Ali references or comments like: ooo... he's floatin' like a butterfly... and the forehand shot stung like a bee. but when Roger Federer plays, announcers are like: wow... his movement and his backhand reminds me of Pete Sampras. and I can see the similarities in their games cuz they're both fluid 1hander players. I just thought some of the things the announcers said were really really racist. why didn't they compare Tsonga to say another 2hander... like maybe Andre Agassi or Michael Chang? I didn't know Ali was such a great tennis player that Tsonga had to be compared to him.

MTV - Priciest Cribs

current song: Feedback by Janet Jackson on Hot 93.9 FM

#12 Ice-T at $15 million
he had a retractable roof for his pool area... making it an indoor/outdoor pool. cool aquatic tank w/ a shark in it. makes him feel like one of the guys on James Bond. he's like: the guys that wanna rule or take over the world always have a shark tank. recording studio about $100K. also has a vending machine. he's like: you know... when your friends come over and they're like whatchya got to eat? pop in a dollar and you got yourself some Skittles. he owns a pit bull.

#11 Robbie Williams at $15 million
I think he still has his castle in the UK. this is his LA property. he's pretty funny. he's being all gangsta using izzle-speak. got his mom to say fo shizzle my nizzle. dad's seen in the pool in a rowboat. they seem funny too. he has a couple Jaguars he calls shag-uars. he has certain Ducati model, which he claims is the only 1 on US soil. he shows what's in his fridge. w/ all these wealthy celebrities and w/ the money they have working for itself... they can eat whatever food they want and stay in shape. if they eat junk food they can exercise 8 hours a day. if they eat healthy food they can afford to buy it or have a chef prepare food for them. he says guys in LA are friendly... especially the ones from W. Hollywood Boulevard. he has a bunch of his new guy friends over saying: they're such givers and receivers. he's funny. he has an elevator in his house to the 2nd floor. he too owns a dog.

#8 Master P at $20 million
who is Master P? his place is in Phoenix... and I don't think he knows what state he's in. he has this huge fish tank that he claims is the largest in Louisiana. he has marble floors, gold ceilings, chandeliers and gold fixtures all over the place. he too has an elevator. he's like: sometimes I get so tired playing basketball I don't wanna walk up the stairs. his master bedroom itself he says is like $3 million. he has a marble pool and also a basketball court. don't know if he owns a dog.

#7 Babyface at $22 million
he entertained President Clinton at his place. he's funny too. he's like: no matter how rich or po a black person is you always gotta have Kool-Aid in the house. at least I've heard of Babyface. he has a recording studio in his house... cost about $100K. awesome pool w/ a waterfall. he even has a beauty salon on the property. don't know if he owns a dog.

#4 Kimberly Stewart at $35 million
shyeah, right. she's seen on the catwalk trying to be fierce. I wonder if she would make the cut of ANTM? so she's showing off her... I mean Rod's house. I'm jealous cuz I don't come from wealth. so... if you're reading this blog... please click on one of the ads sponsored by Google so that I can make some extra money. Rod, like any other awesome parent, would do anything to help his kid(s). so I assume instead of showing off his place himself, he lets Kim be on TV. MTV should only put people on Cribs that actually earn money on their own. take Lindsay Lohan for instance. I know she's been in the news a lot... but she actually made money for herself. she wouldn't be like Kim who's probably like: please daddy please... let me be on Cribs daddy... please daddy please. so I get to see Kim... who apparently lives on her own, which to her is a spacious guest house on Rod's property. Rod's house is nice. Kim owns 2 dogs. oh... and she's very cruel to them. she's like: we have this pool... and my dogs don't like to swim in it... but look (she throws dogs in pool, dogs freak out swimming for their lives, and head back to her)... see I told you they don't like the pool. segment ends when she's seen riding the bike given to her from the award show where she crashed on the red carpet.

26 January, 2008

MPSF Volleyball - Hawaii 3, San Diego 2

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watched the match starting from the 3rd game. figured Hawaii would win the match w/ a sweep. San Diego changed setters and ended up winning the 3rd and 4th games. San Diego hasn't won against Hawaii ever. in the 5th game Hawaii decimated San Diego. at 1 point it had a 10 point lead. I think its because Hawaii kept its serve in. so... rather than giving San Diego free points via service errors Hawaii scored natural points. Hawaii also had a lot of soft and stuff blocks too in the game.

at this time of the year I have Pac-10 volleyball w/drawal. can't get enough volleyball from that conference (of champions). but I like the men's game too. very different. very explosive. all about power. can't wait for the AVP season to start too.

24 January, 2008

Tennis - Australian Open

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Rafael Nadal in straight sets. wow. I don't normally watch Rafael play... but after watching Novak do an imitation of him I had to watch him play. I don't normally watch Rafael cuz for 1 thing he's a 2hander and also he takes such a long time to serve. but after watching Novak's imitation I kept laughing watching Rafael serve. it would have been funny if they met in the final. imagine Novak serving the entire game imitating Rafael. but that's not going to happen cuz Rafael lost tonight.

Project Runway - Levi's ep

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the kids leave the city and take a field trip. they're excited and also afraid. Rami's like: we could be going to a dump and have to sort through garbage... or we could go to Paris. they arrive at what looks like an abandoned warehouse. there Tim introduces them to a Levi's rep... so obviously like the Hershey's ep... they'll be using company products in their creations.

one of you will be the winner... and one of you will be out. back at the design room sister Christian vexes me. I know he's gonna do a jacket cuz that's all he does. hmmm... but what will he make this time? oh... yet another jacket. what a surprise. yawn. he made his jacket using part of jeans and made his jeans using part of jackets. big deal. don't all the designers have to take apart jackets and jeans anyway?

Jillian and Victorya who teamed up in the last challenge and made an awesome coat each attempt to make a coat again in this challenge. well at least it's not another jacket like sister Christian. one of you will be the winner... and one of you will be out. and for this challenge it happens that it is 1 of them... and Victorya's out. to me her design just looked like a jacket. the Levi's rep of course is the guest judge. she's wearing a Levi's jacket. she must have to wear Levi's all the time.

Ricky won the challenge. his design looked sick. and yes he cries in this ep. pobrecita. he made a sick lookin' dress w/ buttons in the front... a button fly dress. and Levi's will make and sell his outfit. take that sister Christian.

23 January, 2008

Tennis - Australian Open

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Roger Federer defeated James Blake in straight sets. awesome match. for 1 thing both players are 1hand backhanders. I didn't know James is (relatively) old. even though he hasn't won any major championship I'm sure he's made millions if he's been a pro for years. I'm surprised he hasn't won a major though considering he's an awesome 1hander. Roger will play Novak in 1 semifinal. I did look on YouTube and Novak is the dude who does imitations. pretty funny... especially when he's actin' out Maria and Rafael.

Nip / Tuck

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'tell me what you don't like about yourself?' wealthy 100 yr old client wants her lover to be retroscaped. they've been together for 20 yrs. when they 1st met he was a struggling actor/artist expecting her not to live much longer. when she dies he would get everything in her estate. at the time she wanted her man smooth so he agreed to have all his body hair removed. now she feels her man needs to be a man and wants him to be hairy again. he gets a mustache, side burns and chest hair. he does as she wishes. he wants to leave her. but she bought him a Bentley. they recreate in the recovery room and he dies. at the end she moves on and has a new lover. Christian and Sean are like: isn't it too soon to move on? shouldn't you show some respect? she's like: I don't have that much time left. I can't live in the past. I have to live in the present. how powerful. she gives her new lover the Bentley if he agrees to get rid of his chin dimple.

Julia's girlfriend's daughter, who poisoned Julia w/ something cuz she's still sick, is on the medical show set. she recreates w/ the star of the show. somehow their recreation is taped and is all over YouTube. show star accuses Sean of sabotage. he's like: I thought we were friends. Sean's like: if we're friends why did you sleep w/ the girl I slept w/? they fight. but Sean's made the star of the show now.

Sean also has a talent agent, played by Sharon Gless. apparently she's psycho. I think Sean's her only client. they go out to dinner. she has drank after drank cuz she's drunk. she wants to recreate w/ Sean but he doesn't want to. he wants to keep things professional. he drops her off at what he thinks is her luxurious house. but she's seen walking off the property. so she must be a has been talent agent. after her failed night of recreation she goes to the set the next day bringing him some Jamba Juice. Sean's interested in an extra and Sharon Gless is glaring at the extra. in scenes from next week's ep it does show Sharon acting all psycho.

Christian has drama w/ Gina and Julia. Julia is really sick... again from the mystery poison from her girlfriend's daughter... but Christian doesn't believe she's sick. she thinks she may have AIDS. they get tested and they're both negative. Gina's still in love w/ Christian. she has AIDS and knows he has all this drama w/ Julia. she hires a clone to recreate w/ Christian to make like she's the one recreating w/ him. bizarre. he goes to her place one night to serve her a restraining order. they're on the top of a building w/ glass railings. they recreate and she falls off the building. in next week's ep Sean's puzzled as to why she would commit suicide and Christian has to tell his son his mother is dead.

22 January, 2008

Tennis - Australian Open

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Maria Sharapova defeated Justine Henin in the quarterfinals just now. stunned. Justine got blitzed in the 2nd set 6-0. shocked. in the 1st set Justine wasn't scoring points. I thought she would adjust and she started to make it interesting... but still lost the 1st set 6-4. I figured she would win the 2nd and 3rd sets and the match... so I took a break to do some work and check e-mails. still early, a little after midnight... and so I decided to check the match. Maria was leading the 2nd set 4-0 and closed it out. disgusted and disappointed. I hope Venus wins the championship now.

21 January, 2008

Tennis - Australian Open

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Jelena Jankovic defeated Serena Williams in straight sets. I like Serena and hoped she would win. apparently she's not 100%. Jelena's the 3rd seed in the tournament. she played the most matches of any female last year. the announcers kept saying stuff like: this will be an upset. but if Serena is the 7th seed, how can it be an upset? I wonder if there's a feature on TVs where you can press a button that will mute the announcers and yet have all the other sounds coming from the game? so Jelena played the most matches and added up all these points to get her high ranking. I assume all the other players have the same opportunities as her. I guess Jelena's healthy all the time, while others like Serena, struggle w/ injuries. Justine's match will air later on tonight at 22:30.

Tennis - Australian Open

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Novak Djokovic defeated Lleyton Hewitt in straight sets. both are 2hand backhanders. Novak's the 3rd seed and I don't think I've seen him play. then again he reminds me of this one player who would copy how other players serve. in between commercial breaks also watched Food Network. love Paula Deen and her butter. but she needs to stop cooking w/ her ring on, stop touching the food w/ her fingers, and then licking them. tonight the women's quarterfinals will air. I want to catch one of Justine's matches.

Amazing Race - TK and Rachel win

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TK & Rachel win the Race. Ron & Christina 1st to get their clue in Taipei finding out final pit stop is in Achorage. from last week's ep I knew they would be going to Alaska, but I thought they'd fly off to another city... and I hoped it would be Honolulu cuz c'mon... it's Honolulu. but traveling via the Amazing Race, Alaska looks awesome.

teams head off to the airport. Ron & Christina buy their tickets and head off to a lounge to surf the internet to look up the address of some sporting goods store they have to go to once in Alaska. TK freaks out cuz he doesn't see them, making Nick freak out as well. they're like: there's only 1 flight out, where are they? I'm freaked.

so teams land in Alaska. Ron & Christina out 1st. they got seats closest to the airplane door. they're all off to the store to pick up a package that contained stuff they need for the upcoming challenges. Nick & Don (who I wanted to win this Race) read the clue at the store but forgot to take their bag of tricks.

they're all off to some waterfront where there's the detour. either 'cut the cod' or 'grab the crab'. in cut the cod teams had to gut some fish and find the next clue inside one of the butchered fish parts. in grab the crab teams had to go in a large tank holding hundreds of crabs to find a crab that had a little race flag wrapped around one of its little but painful claws.

Ron & Christina finish really fast. they get the clue and have to travel by taxi to some river where a speed boat will take them not only on an awesome scenic tour but the next task. TK & Rachel have a cab driver who doesn't know where that waterfront is. when they get there they decide to grab the crab. Rachel's like: oh my God... oh my God... we should do the other one... oh my God... oh my God. at the last moment when they're gonna do the other task TK finds the crab and gets the clue. bad luck cab driver evens out w/ last minute good luck. hmmm... is there such a thing as bad luck and good luck or is it just luck? hmmm... like the Seinfeld ep where Elaine debated w/ some lady about coincidences. there's no little or big coincidence... it's just coincidence. so they're off to the river.

Nick & Don had to go back to the sporting goods store to get the bag of goodies. they lose valuable time... but Don kicks ass butchering the fish like crazy. they find the clue and they're off to the river as well... less than 5 minutes behind TK & Rachel. at this point I'm thinking: how'd the clue get in the fish cuz the fish looked whole? if the fish had to eat it then teams should have gone straight for the stomach. then again I haven't gutted a fish and may not know what its stomach would look like.

at the end of the awesome scenic boat ride teams have to scale a glacier. don't know how high they had to climb. Ron has a fear of heights. he's also afraid of falling into the water if he slips. but he kicks ass and finishes w/ ease. Christina has trouble getting started climbing. she's like: daddy. daddy. and he's like: you can do it. you can do it. AWWW. they finish 1st and find out they have to take a scenic helicopter ride to some airfield. Alaska's awesome.

TK & Rachel climb the glacier and are off too. Don kicks ass and goes up the glacier w/ ease too. they're off to the airfield too. teams get their clue and had to take a cab ride to Captain Cook's statue. and I'm thinking: hey there's at least a Hawaii connection cuz Captain Cook died here in the islands.

teams get their clue and have to go find the salmon hooker. too bad I don't have a pic of the salmon hooker cuz she looks funny. don't know about copyright laws since I'm new to blogging. but I guess in Anchorage there's all these salmon art around the city. sorta like how Chicago had all these funky cows and how Honolulu had geckos around downtown. I remember one hanging on the 1st Hawaiian Bank building... you know... like how geckos climb walls.

so teams get their clue and have to go to a park to complete this insane roadblock. a really insane roadblock. from 15 items they had to put 10 items on a giant looking pit stop. the items were things they encountered throughout the race. there had to be 1 item from each pit stop. not only that but these items had to meet certain conditions... like there must be 3 items that are animal or animal by-products. and one of the items was the man in Japan w/ the yellow construction hat. so Christina, Rachel and I are like: are you an animal? anyway crazy roadblock. really crazy.

Rachel finishes 1st and Christina 2nd. they still have to take a cab to some airport and race to the finish line. w/ creative editing it became suspenseful. camera shows final pit stop w/ all the teams cheering on. got to see the goths again and all the other contestants. then camera shows TK & Rachel. they win and are like: I love you. I love you too. AWWW. Ron & Christina 2nd. they're like: I love you. I love you too. AWWW. finally Nick & Don come in 3rd. they're like: I hate you. I hate you too. don't ever speak to me again. no seriously... they did kick ass and that's why I hoped they would win. I mean Nick did a lot for the team and Don had to go through a lot. they're awesome. Don's the oldest person to place in the top 3. would have been awesome if they won though. but they're like: I got to spend time w/ my grandpa. I got to spend time w/ my grandson. AWWW. so all the contestants are cheerin': granda grandpa grandpa and they're all waving goodbye to the cameras.

Tennis - Australian Open

current song: Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

Roger Federer defeated Tomas Berdych in 3 sets. watched sets 2 & 3. Tomas is yet another 2hand backhander. he could have won the 2nd set in the tie breaker but didn't where he had a couple set points but couldn't convert any to win. Roger will play James Blake in the quarterfinals.

20 January, 2008


current song: Here I Am by UB40 on Island 98.5 FM

went to Ala Moana Beach this afternoon w/ Sheila. 1st time she's been to the beach this year and 11 days since the last time I went. very chillaxin'. nice day today and a lot of people there. not like New Year's Eve when I almost had the beach entirely to myself.

swam to life guard station 2 only using arms (breast stroke motion). rested and talked story for about half an hour... then swam back to station 1, again only using arms. basically 1 lap today w/ 30 minutes break at the turn.

when I got home I looked at the Giants/Packers score. I hoped that Green Bay would win, but they lost in OT. must have been a good game. now I'll be cheerin' for New England to win the Superbowl.

Football - New England 21, San Diego 12

current song: A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris on Hot 93.9 FM

New England's gonna go to the Superbowl (again). I wasn't sure how San Diego would do cuz of injuries. they had their chances to score TDs but only came away with FGs. watched MTV during commerical breaks and yes... America's Next Top Model (Danielle cycle) / cycle 6 is on MTV. thought Joanie should have won. anyway last time I checked the Green Bay / New York Giants game, the Packers lead the Giants 10-6. I hope Green Bay wins.

America's Next Top Model (Naima cycle) - Finale

current song: Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani & Akon on Power 104.3 FM

my favorite cycle ever... especially the runway battle where Naima and Kahlen walk on water. in this cycle there's local girl Tatiana from Maui... who I heard is the sister of Dio Dante, an awesome volleyball player from UH. I remember she posed as Gemini (the best astrological sign) in the zodiac photo shoot.

speaking of the zodiac photo shoot, there's Lluvy, who represented Pisces. according to Tyra... that pic of Lluvy as Pisces was 'the worst picture ever'. in one of the challenges during judging the models had to walk using a potato sack. Lluvy made it look sexy.

speaking of judging... Rebecca collapsed in front of everybody during one elimination making everybody freak out. and it's this cycle where Tyra snapped and went totally off on Tiffany. she's like: you're not taking this seriously. even your grandma wants this more than you do. she didn't pay the electrical bill so you could have a bikini. I'm hard on you cuz I love you. AWWW. other than that outburst from Tyra, judging hasn't been the same especially since Janice Dikinson left after this cycle. she has her own show now... Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

then there's Michelle who freaked everybody out when she had some sorta outbreak on her face. think she reacted to certain makeup. but all the other model wannabes are like: oh my God... she has a flesh eating disease and it's contagious. we're all gonna die. I remember at a photo shoot the girls had to pose as different ethnicities w/ kids. because of Michelle's 'disease' she had to use a doll and so all the other girls are like: it's so unfair.

anyway in that shoot the girls, with lots of makeup and ethnic clothing, they actually looked different... especially Keenyah who looked totally Korean. she struggled towards the end. even though to me she's still in shape, she gained weight, and in a couple photo shoots she posed as gluttony in the deadly sin photo shoot and later as an elephant in another. she cracked me up when she fought w/ Naima on who would open Nelson Mandela's cell when they visited it. I think she didn't even know who he was.

and then there's Brittany. I thought she would win because of her transformation from being way too sexy in the beginning to high fashion towards the end.

like I said, still my favorite cycle. during the runway battle Naima's like: walking on the water... I feel superhuman. and Kahlen's like: not only am I stomping on the people who didn't believe in me... I'm stomping on the girl who didn't believe in herself. how powerful. ha ha ha. and of course all the girls are wearing bikinis during the show. and there's Kahlen wearing one with leopard print. then they're dancing under the waterfall.

during panel the judges are like: who do we choose? the girl who did well all semester long and did so so in the final? or the girl who did so so during the semester but kicked ass in the finals? in the end Naima won. hmmm... thought this would be a short post. think the Danielle cycle is now on MTV. still can't get enough of the show.

19 January, 2008

Tennis - Australian Open

current song: Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield on Power 104.3 FM

Roger Federer defeated Janko Tipsarevic in the 3rd round in 5 sets, winning the 5th set 10 games to 8. I taped the match in order to save time. I already knew the outcome... but I like watching Roger play. he reminds me of Steffi Graf and Pete Sampras... for they all are 1hand backhanders and can hit flawless, fluid moving backhand shots for hours. I know there are more men than women 1hand backhanders out there... but it seems whenever I watch Roger play a match, his opponent normally is a 2hand backhander. so I try to tape and watch his matches during the majors cuz no other 1hand backhander male comes to mind. as for the women I like Justine Henin... again cuz she's a 1hander and kicks ass. since Steffi and Pete have won the most titles for their gender... and w/ Roger approaching Pete in winning the most titles... and they all are 1handers, I don't understand why there aren't more 1handers out there. in between sets 4 and 5 I thought Kathy Griffin interviewed fans. and I'm like 'huh?'. but it was Pam Shriver, who apparently sounds like Kathy. in the 5th set I noticed Roger going more for the forehand win. awesome set. awesome match.


current song: Sorry by Buckcherry on Star 101.9 FM

24 Hour Fitness - Full Body (Back)
dorsi flex machine
  • 10 / 120 2x
  • 8 / 135


  • 10 / 149 3x
lower extension machine
  • 10 / 100
  • 10 / 110
  • 10 / 115 = 108 avg

reverse pulldown - bar attachment

  • 9 / 90 3x
rotary lat machine
  • 10 / 105
  • 10 / 115
  • 10 / 130 = 116 avg
row - vbar (narrow) attachment

  • 10 / 100
  • 8 / 110
  • 5 / 120 = 107 avg
pushdown - vbar attachment

  • 10 / 65 avg (60, 65, 70)
reverse pushdown - bar attachment

  • 10 / 35
  • 8 / 40
  • 6 / 45 = 39 avg
rotary machine

  • 10 / 100
  • 8 / 115 2x = 109 avg
cable - bar attachment

  • 10 / 80 avg (75, 80, 85)
extension machine 15

  • 10 / 120
  • 8 / 135 2x = 129 avg
ran/walked 2 miles from gym to home.

Uremi wanted to borrow the parking pass so she could park in the building. she and Edison wanted to enter the Hawaiian Airlines ticket giveaway for a round trip to Manila. downtown was crazy. all these people there. you had to be present to win. entering the contest started at 10:00 and the line snaked around the block. I planned to work out for 1.5 hours (which I did), stand in line (hoping it would have been shorter by the time I finished), and wait for the drawing. but after my workout the line still snaked around the block. I told Uremia that I would just go home.

being positive I told myself on my way home that I am so used to running on the sand. but the reality is that I'm out of shape. I want to go to the beach today to get my swimming on... we'll see.

17 January, 2008

Project Runway - Avant Garde / Ready To Wear ep

current song: Let Me Hold You by Bow Wow & Omarion on Power 104.3 FM

show started w/ designers choosing models. challenge based on designers creating avant garde outfit based on models' hairstyle. Ricky last one to pick. he had 3 to choose from. expected him to cry and give some swan song speech before eliminating 2 models. surprisingly he just picked one. 'blah and blah... you're out... Auf Wiedersehen'. kiss kiss.

in design room Tim told contestants they would be working in pairs. drew names and teams were Kit/Ricky, Rami/Sweet P, Chris/Christian, and Jillian/Victorya. hmmm... tried to list teams like how they do with AVP matches. designers had to choose one model's hairstyle for their inspiration.

Kit/Ricky's model's hair reminded them of a bird's nest. 'one of you will be in... and one of you will be out'. Rami/Sweet P's model hair looked regular. I knew though he would do some draping outfit. Chris/Christian's model's hair looked like a beehive... like Marge Simpson... but not as huge. Jillian/Victorya's I immediately thought equestrian. 'one of you will be in... and one of you will be out'. at this point no tears from Ricky yet.

$300 budget... blah blah blah. they're working on designs. oh... I have 2 thoughts about Victorya. she has immunity and does not step up to be the team leader. so I thought... she's not a team player. then again I thought... hmmm... it's a contest and so she's playing smart. if Jillian's team leader and they lose, then she's out.

Rami's kinda hard on Sweet P. 'one of you will be in... and one of will be out. Auf Wiedersehen'. kiss kiss. so designers are working and Tim throws a curve at the contestants and tell them they also must create something ready to wear. Sweet P cries. what really surprised me is that Ricky hasn't cried yet.

runway show, models go down catwalk. Chris/Christian's avant garde outfit is wild. to me it did look like a beehive and there was this part of the dress sticking out from the model's neck... thought honeycomb. ready to wear outfit had one of Christian's jackets that he likes to make along w/ a skirt. I knew they would win and they did. 'Christian, you are the winner. you will have immunity for the next challenge. one of you will be out'. so their design gets to be featured in some magazine.

boring outfit from Rami, who I still think will be in the final 3. Sweet P's commercial dress impressed judges. Jillian/Victorya's avant garde looked like an equestrian outfit... something like in Madonna's last World Tour. commercial dress so so cuz made last minute. liked concept of Kit's dress... but executed poorly. she's out. only surprise for me w/ today's ep... Ricky didn't cry.

16 January, 2008

Nip / Tuck

current song: Crawling by Linkin Park on Star 101.9 FM

Rachel, the suicide bomb survivor has some pain in her left cheek. Sean says some medical stuff and wants to do some nerve reconstruction. Christian walks in, looks at the x-ray, and sees a tooth. apparently it's not Rachel's tooth... but the suicide bomber's tooth. she wants it out because it's like he's alive in her. tooth gets taken out. Rachel still feels something's wrong w/ her and still can't sleep. apparently there's pieces of his flesh or human shrapnel as she calls it inside her body. every piece of his remains in her get taken out. Sean hallucinates and sees images of the suicide bomber talking to him and considers the pieces of flesh as waste and wants to throw them away. Christian says it human remains and should be sent to his family. as part of her overall healing Rachel sends the remains to his family in Palestine. Rachel also wants facial reconstruction done. Sean asks if she's doing it for herself or for Matt. she says that they're just friends.

Christian and Julia are making out and she has a massive nose bleed. she's seen several doctors to figure out what's wrong with her... but everybody says that she's ok. her girlfriend's daughter made some drugged fruitcake in a previous ep... and so what the hell is in Julia's body? Christian says some things that make Julia angry. later on they're all lovey dovey drinking sake and planning to eat sushi.

Sean's angry at Christian's betrayal for seeing Julia. he hires this hot receptionist with a huge personality cuz he knows Christian would sleep with her, which he does. Christian's like... do I have any messages? so he takes her into his office and they recreate all the time she's telling him his messages and answering the phone. because she pronounced a person's name wrong he fires her after recreating. now they can't fire her because she plans to sue. instead they settle and Sean hires one of Christian's lady friends who had a lot of drama between them.

Rosie O'Donnell's character Dawn is back again. her husband got all excited cuz his medical drama show reached cult status and he and the star of the show were to be part of a gay pride parade. at the parade her husband's all dancing and having a good time. she then gets run over by a lesbian biker and plans to sue her for being a heterophobe. but the biker asks her not to sue cuz her kid's gonna go to Yale and would not be able to send her there if she sues. some lovey dovey scene between Dawn and her husband. she's afraid that he may be gay and he says he is. she punches him and he lands on the floor. to make all nice Dawn buys the lesbian biker a new ride and gives her money to send her kid to school.

also watched a couple eps of Family Guy. just started watching and getting into the show. kinda reminds me of How I Met Your Mother where they do all these flashbacks. no exercise today... well, played volleyball. plan to go to 24 Hour Fitness tomorrow and work out on back and triceps.

14 January, 2008

Iron Chef America - Ribeye Battle ep

current song: No One by Alicia Keys on Hot 93.9 FM

watched Bobby Flay on this show for the 2nd time in its entirety. challenger chef Peter Kelly won this battle. whenever I watch Bobby Flay he cooks the secret ingredient the same way and makes it different by using different sauces. hmmm... guess I watched Food Network a lot today.

the only other ep I watched w/ Bobby Flay in its entirety was a turkey battle. basically he made turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and gravy. of course he cooked the potatoes and cranberries differently and made different sauces in place of gravy. boring. somehow in that battle he pulled off a tie with the other chefs who were far more creative. from what I remember the challengers even made turkey ice cream.

so in today's ep it's basically the same thing he does... except it's w/ steak. I find it amusing whenever I watch Food Network cuz it's like if I'm eating while watching that channel, I think I'm eating plain saimin.

Amazing Race - Taipei, Taiwan pit stop

current song: Don't You Know Who I Think I Am by Fall Out Boy on Star 101.9 FM

teams got a clue at this awesome looking skyscraper and found out they had to fly to Taipei. Nate and Jen really crack me up. last week's ep she's like 'oh my God... everything is in Japanese' and Nate this week says something like 'I like Tai food and I have Tai friends.' don't know if he was joking around (but he did sound serious) and must have thought about Thai / Thailand.

at the airport Christina played a little dirty... love it. she told the ticket agent to tell the other team (Nate and Jen) that there are no more flights, which gave Christina and her dad an edge (well not really an edge cuz somehow no matter what teams get equalized) and the 1st flight out.

teams landed in Taiwan. Nate and Jen decided to exchange currency while the other teams Nick/Don and TK/Rachel went to the very long immigration line. so now Nate and Jen are in last place.

teams had to go to a train station where they had to go to some other city. TK and Rachel lucked out cuz they met a local who told them they could buy tickets at a machine... which proved helpful later on cuz they had to buy train tickets again and going to a machine saved them some time cuz they had to complete the speed bump. anyway at that city teams got the road block where one team member had to go in a car and balance on something like a seesaw (with a pro driver) and drive underwater for 17 seconds (w/ another driver).

oh... and at the speed bump TK and Rachel had to run through firecrackers. at this time I'm thinking about New Year's here in Hawaii. it's like everybody here pops fireworks whether it be legal firecrackers or illegal aerials. it's awesome here New Year's. I always wonder what tourists think cuz it gets crazy here in Hawaii. if there are no winds sometimes smoke from the fireworks get so bad it's like driving in fog... even on the freeways.

anyway Ron and Christina complete the road block ahead of everybody else and they had to go back via train to Taipei. they found out they had to go to some tea house to drink tea and instructions would be at the bottom of the tea cup. Christina is so awesome... she's like jammin' in speaking/reading Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese. that's hot. they had to go to a market to find a clown for their next clue.

next clue - detour... fire or earth. in fire teams had to write a message (good or bad) attached to a lantern and burn the message, which would send the lantern flying in the air. teams had to do 20 of these. in earth, teams had to walk over a path with all these rocks. I'm thinking... foot massage. all the teams did earth.

Nate and Jen kinda perplexed me. teams had to go to a park for the earth detour. they asked a local how to get there. because of traffic the local told them to take a subway and then take a bus. so I'm thinkin'... if they're gonna take a bus, why not take a cab anyway cuz the bus would have to travel the same roads? all the other teams took a cab to the park.

whenever I see teams in cabs I get nervous. Ron and Christina placed 1st and won a trip. but the other teams were in cabs and they all have their finish in this leg in the hands of the cab drivers. TK and Rachel 2nd, Nick and Don (who I want to win this Race) 3rd. Nate and Jen eliminated.

I hoped when the teams come home to the US they would come to Hawaii... but it looks like the next stop will be in Alaska.

Football - NY Giants 21, Dallas 17

current song: Take You There by Sean Kingston on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

only watched 2nd half of today's game. wanted Dallas to win... especially after what happened the last time. NY winning is cool too... but don't care much for Eli Manning... as if I know him personally. anyway, he had all this drama surrounding him when drafted. it was the time the war started and Pat Tillman gave up millions to serve the country. of course watching Pac-10 football, I remember him watching him play at ASU alongside Andrew Walter. so here's one guy ending his career and another starting his. Eli would make millions no matter where he went. but from what I remember he's like... 'I don't wanna go to San Diego (boo hoo, sob sob)... I wanna go to NY (boo hoo, sob sob)... if not I won't play football.' whatever. I hope San Diego wins the game against NY if they meet in the Superbowl. also when I saw Troy Aikman on TV I wondered... where are all the Pac-10 QBs who turned pro? I mean it's a pass happy oriented conference... but where are they?

13 January, 2008

Football - San Diego 28, Indianapolis 24

current song: Umbrella by Rihanna on Power 104.3 FM

good game today. thought Colts would win cuz of penalties going their way... like towards the end of the 1st half... a (phantom) holding call on San Diego cost the Chargers a touchdown w/ 3 seconds left that would have gave them the lead. even Boomer during halftime didn't see that holding call. but in the end San Diego won. I didn't like it though when Philip Rivers taunted the home crowd. watched some other shows in between during the game too.

Food Network
Nigella Express
saw this show for the 1st time. assume the host comes from the UK. amazed at how small the portions she made... I guess relatively small compared to American portions. reminds me of Misty May and how her body transformed when she lived and trained in Europe. I think she kept her same eating habits/routine... but she lost weight and became a leaner and better player because of the smaller portion sizes.

anyway this lady made some pancakes for her kid(s) and her/their friends. when she mixed the batter in a bowl I thought she would make 3 big ones... but she made 15 smaller ones. and she made some rolls... again smaller than would be made here in the US.

Everyday Italian
in this ep she gave some tips for bachelors. she made some salad w/ already mixed and packaged greens in a bag. what grossed me out though... she didn't wash the greens when she took it out of the package. the salad looked good though.

30 Minute Meals w/ ubercook Rachel Ray
she made middle eastern chicken w/ couscous. think this is one of her newer eps cuz she has a wedding ring on. but girl... take off your ring when you're cooking. meal looked good... but just the idea of whatever funk between her ring and finger in the dishes grosses me out. then again everything is cooked. oh... she used a cup to scoop out some chicken from the pot to put into a bowl and she left it in the pot while she scooped some couscous to put on the chicken. I hope she remembered to wear a mitt when she touches that cup cuz I assume it would have been hot.

watched parts of Sandra Lee and Paula Deen. Sandra cracks me up whenever I see her. she looks camouflaged in each ep cuz her ever changing outfits blend in w/ her ever changing kitchen. I love my girl Paula. whenever I watch her she uses my fav ingredient... BUTTER... and lots of it. but girl... please take off your ring too when you cook. butter cannot take away funk or idea of funk in all your awesome dishes.

America's Next Top Model (Jaslene cycle) - Makeover ep
love the makeover / transformation eps from each cycle. don't think anyone got hysterical from their makeover... guess they learned from past cycles that it would be best not to bitch and be disrespectful to the stylists. but in this ep Jael cried, which was understandable cuz she was in a chair getting a weave and then had to take it out again. Mr. J said her weave didn't make her look better and so they took it out. think she was in the chair for 8 hours or something like that. forgot what the shoot was or who got eliminated in this ep... just wanted to see the makeovers.

11 January, 2008

MPSF Volleyball - Long Beach State 3, Hawaii 0

current song: Dig by Incubus on Star 101.9 FM

tonight Hawaii lost to Long Beach State in straight sets. 1st game went into overtime 32-30. game 2 30-20. didn't watch game 3. played tennis on Wii instead. hopefully Hawaii wins tomorrow night's match. also watch a couple eps of Family Guy and an ep of Two and a Half Men.

10 January, 2008

Project Runway - Prom Dress ep

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tonight's ep the designers had to create a prom dress for their teenage clients. the teens got to choose who they wanted to work with based on their portfolios. on the catwalk the last girl chose Rami... but when the girls met with the designers Victorya (not Rami) was the last designer chosen.

Christian and his client disagreed on several things about her prom dress. he looked so defeated... but he made it to the next round. Ricky cried (again) in this ep. didn't care much for his design. to me, his and Victorya's designs looked similar in form except Victorya's dress had colorful beads. don't understand what the judges saw her design... but it was good enough for her to be the winner.

I thought Sweet P or Chris should have won. apparently the model in Chris' portfolio wearing all the outfits is him in drag. I still expect him and Rami to be in the final 3. I thought Kevin would make it to the final 3... but he's OUT. don't have a particular fav at the moment who I would hope make it to the finals. I have a feeling it will be Victorya because for some reason the judges love her designs.

09 January, 2008


current song: Selfish by Asia Cruise on Hot 93.9 FM

not feelin' it today. what happened to the motivation from within?

breast stroke to station 2, rest 1 minute
run on sand back to station 1

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Calves
lateral - rotary machine 2
  • 10 / 55 avg 3x (50, 55, 60)
press - machine
  • 10 / 200
  • 10 / 230
  • 10 / 250 ( 2 45, 1 35 each side)

College Football

current song: Shawty by Plies on Power 104.3 FM

another season complete. didn't watch the BCS championship cuz... puh-leeze. looked at the final polls today and again I see some east coast bias. how does Florida rank ahead of Michigan when Michigan beat Florida? how does Oregon, who has the same record as Florida... and a team that beat Michigan AT Michigan rank lower than both Florida and Michigan?

it seems the farther west you go there's no respect. when Pac-10 teams beat an SEC team somehow the SEC comes up with a reason why that SEC team lost. or something like... well that game doesn't count. but when an SEC teams wins over a Pac-10 team there are parades all over SEC country. when a bottom dweller in the Pac-10 wins over the conference (of champions) leader its because that top Pac-10 team is overrated. but when that happens in the SEC it shows the depth of the SEC. all I know is that this season Cal, a bottom half Pac-10 team beat the SEC runner up. and how does Florida rank ahead of Michigan?

hmmm... I can go on and on... but I should do some work.

08 January, 2008


current song: So Sick by Ne-Yo on Power 104.3 FM

breast stroke to life guard station 2, rest 1 minute
run on sand back to life guard station 1, rest 4 minutes, 2x
arms only, 1 lap, rest 4 minutes at life guard station 2

awesome day at the beach today. 3rd day in a row... tomorrow will be 4. think the sun sets after 18:00. lots of activity. one of the high school paddle clubs trained today. girls swam laps, ran on sand. boys ran around park. lots of locals and tourists out. several paddle surfers / surfer paddlers out as well too. awesome.

saw Ann Ginos with her group, or her gang as she calls them, start their swim to white buoy that I can't see because they swim such a long distance. when finished I saw her in the parking lot parked close to me and we chatted. she's a college acquaintance I've seen once in a while in downtown since we graduated. I've seen her more at the beach recently. she says that the buoy she and her gang swim to is near the life guard station at the other end of the beach and it's a 2k swim. awesome.

she's pregnant and is due next week. she says that she loves the water because it's the only time of the day she doesn't feel pregnant... she's just floating around being aquatic. she says that she won't be back at the beach until 2 months after her delivery.

her gang of friends are serious athletes who train for the Ironman Triathlon. she says the serious ones swim every day... sometimes 4k. I think she said that they run daily too. how long or how far I don't know. Saturdays they bike. awesome. same with these high school paddlers. here they are swimming and running like crazy... by the time they've completed their 1st swim to life guard station 2 and run back to station 1, I've only swam to station 2.

oh... Ann completed a triathlon as well. awesome. don't know what other word to use in this post. last time I saw her at the beach, which was a few weeks ago, I still rested 4 minutes before each swim. I wanted to rest 3 minutes in between, eventually doing 1 lap non-stop. she's very positive. says I gotta push myself.

all these awesome, healthy, fit beach, paddling, Ironman freaks around me... but I know if I want to become as fit as these people it has to come from within. so hopefully next time I see Ann at the beach I will have progressed... hopefully to the point where I can swim to station 2 and back w/out resting. so tomorrow I will attempt to rest only 3 minutes in between.

I just realized I can label this post Ann Ginos. so next time I see her I can look up this post to see my aquatic progression.

07 January, 2008

Amazing Race - Osaka, Japan pit stop

current song: My Humps by Black Eyed Peas on 102.7 FM

I hope Nick and Don win this Race. Don reminds me of Rudy from the debut season of Survivor. teams began the leg in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), and had to fly to Osaka, Japan. 3 teams flew from Mumbai, to Hong Kong, to Osaka, ... except the hippies who flew to some city, to Beijing, to Osaka.

Nate and Jen 1st got out of the airport in Osaka. they crack me up. from an earlier ep I think it was mentioned that he cheated on her and so they're working on their relationship. that's cool. but I think it's funny when he says something like 'look at her she completed the task'... and then she starts yelling something like 'DON'T YOU EVER COMPARE ME TO HER AGAIN!'. and she's the American in this Race (there's always one in each season) who has to say something like 'everything's in Japanese' when obviously they're in Japan, where everybody knows the official language there is Deutsch. of course I jest. and of course I call these people by their 1st name like we know each other since we're so close.

teams got the clue at a castle and had to go to some station to look for a cleaner for their next clue. no hippies. the clue told them one team member had to drive a passenger couple to some destination, which happened to be a post office 10 minutes away. Christina understands some Japanese and figured out it she had to go to a post office... problem though she doesn't drive.

teams completed the task, got their next clue at a temple, and next up the detour. either smell or touch. in smell teams had to use their bloodhound-like noses and smell/find a real flower in a 2 story complex filled within shops that sell fake flowers. in touch teams had to use a cell phone to operate robots to kick 2 goals past other robots. since I traveled to Osaka via the Amazing Race from Mumbai its like night and day. anyway... no hippies in sight.

Nate and Jen found the real flower and completed the detour 1st. Ron and Tina 2nd and Nick and Don 3rd (they're the only ones who did the touch detour). they all have no control over their cab drivers and so Ron and Tina came in 1st, Nate and Jen 2nd, Nick and Don 3rd.

hippies finally shown doing all the challenges and with editing it seemed they trailed everyone else by a day. I remember one Race where one team trailed so far behind that when they reached the pit stop other teams began the next leg. but tonight's ep was a non-elimination leg and so they're still in the Race... and they're 3 hours behind everyone else. hopefully the teams make a stop to Hawaii.


current song: Lifetime Lover by J Boog on Island 98.5 FM

breast stroke 1 way between life guard stations
arms only the way back

24 Hour Fitness - Quads & Biceps
curl - seated machine

  • 10 / 50
  • 10 / 70 2x
press machine B

  • 10 / 360
  • 10 / 380
  • 10 /410 (2 45, 1 25 each side)
squat - smith machine

  • 10 / 100 avg 3x (90, 100, 110)
thigh abductor - glutes machine

  • 10 / 77.5 avg 4x (70, 75, 80, 85)
Bicep curls
45 degree plate machine

  • 10 / 40 avg 3x (35, 40, 45)
cable - bar attachment

  • 10 / 75 avg 3x (70, 75, 80)
cable - reverse bar attachment

  • 10 / 62.5 avg (60 2x, 65 2x)
preacher - barbell

  • 10 / 50
  • 10 / 60 2x

06 January, 2008

Football - San Diego 17, Tennessee 6

current song: Shawty by Plies on Hot 93.9 FM

the only wild card game I watched this weekend. didn't watch until the 2nd half. even during that time mostly read the Sunday paper, People magazine, and channel surfed.

People magazine has its "Half Their Size" issue out this week. I like reading about these people because they acutally lost weight through exercise and diet. no cheating like gastric bypass surgery. don't know the overall success or failure of gastric bypass surgery... but the way I look at it, if a person doesn't have the discipline or drive to do it on his own then even with his new tiny stomach he'd just eat and eat and eat and keep filling his new tiny stomach each time and gain back the weight again. hmmm... sorta like those reality shows where people come in and clean a pack rat's house to make it all nice and clean by adding more storage room. if the pack rats don't have any discipline to keep their place clean then their newly transformed place will become a mess anyway.

saw a glimpse of Amazing Race All Stars. I wanted Charla and Mirna to win that race. I have a problem with that season because every team and its members competed with each other and remained the same except for eric and danielle (who by the way won that race) and so it was a new dynamic, a new team. AND... during a commercial break team CHA-CHA-CHA said that eric and danielle weren't even really dating. this season's Amazing Race I want Nick and Donald to win. in tonight's ep the teams will be in Japan. I wonder if the teams will stop in Hawaii. hmmm... not much of a football post.

MPSF Volleyball - UCLA 3, UH 2

current song: Umbrella by Rihanna on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

the cable went out and only watched until close to the end of game 2. the announcer also explained the different color 'C' on the UCLA jersey... again explaining that it signifies in Roman letters that UCLA has won 100 NCAA championships. currently I'm recording the game... but don't think I will watch it since I already know the result. this match does not count in the MPSF standings.

05 January, 2008


current song: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz on Star 101.9 FM

today I went to the beach for the 1st time this year... well Ala Moana Beach... to get my swimming on. unsure about going into the water today because of the jellyfish warning according to the Hawaii Beach Safety site. I went anyway. no jellyfish and enjoyed being aquatic. breast stroked from one life guard station to another and when I swam back only used my arms.

NCAA Men's Volleyball - Penn State 3, UCLA 0

current song: Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart on KSSK 92.3 FM

UCLA lost to Penn State tonight... 18-30, 26-30, 36-38. the last time I watched these 2 schools play against each other, UCLA won an NCAA championship playing at Penn State. UCLA won its 19th title in volleyball that year. from what I remember from that season UCLA at one point had a .500 record and won 12 in a row to win the championship.

I thought UCLA would sweep Penn State again tonight... but Penn State looks so good. all these trick plays where the middle would fake out the UCLA blockers giving the Penn State outsider hitter either one or no blocker to get a kill. awesome.

MPSF conference play should start soon and so teams in the league, like Hawaii and UCLA, should get better during the season. sorta like women's volleyball where the Pac-10 teams beat each other up, thus preparing themselves for the NCAA tournament. this year 3 out of the 4 national semifinal teams came from the Pac-10. in fact Cal, which placed 4th in the conference, beat big 12 and defending national champion Nebraska in 3 games. so Hawaii should get better too as the season goes on. as of now though Penn State looks awesome.

during games 2 and 3 Stein Metzger was interviewed. he's awesome. his beach partner Mike Lambert is awesome too. can't wait for the AVP season to begin too. love beach volleyball. love the beach in general too. haven't gone swimming at the beach becuase of jellyfish. but the jellyfish should be gone tomorrow and so I'm looking forward to get my beach on.

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Triceps

current song: Good Life by Kanye West on Power 104.3 FM

bike (straight) - random, level 9, 9 minutes

lateral - rotary machine 2

  • 10 / 30
  • 10 / 35
  • 10 / 40
press - rotary machine

  • 10 / 70
  • 9 / 85
  • 7 / 100
see-saw press

  • 10 / 15 each hand (2x)
  • 9 / 20
dip -machine

  • 10 / 105
  • 10 / 120
  • 10 / 135
press - extension machine

  • 10 / 60
  • 9 / 70
  • 7 / 80
press - overhead extension machine

  • 10 / 80
  • 10 / 90
  • 10 / 100
pushdown - bar attachment

  • 10 / 55
  • 9 / 60
  • 8 / 65

04 January, 2008

Men's Volleyball - Penn State 3, Hawaii 1

current song: Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone on Oldies 107.9 FM

UH lost against Penn State tonight. UH has a new setter. I like it when he runs forwards and back sets. but I noticed the team didn't play in system tonight. some guys on the Penn State team must have been almost 7 feet tall cuz they made some of the guys on their team and most of the UH team look relatively short. relative cuz all these guys have to be at least 6 feet plus. hopefully UH will win against Ball State.

Modern Marvels - Freight Trains ep

current song: Make Me Better by Fabolous on Power 104.3 FM

Modern Marvels - Freight Trains
showed development of what else but... freight trains. when I tuned in a map showed railway lines crisscrossing the east coast and one line going west... the Transcontinental Railway. looked pretty neat. towns grew along the railways and goods basically exchanged between coasts. showed the development of the trains from wood to coal burning and now to diesel. also showed development of containers from open to closed to boxed to refrigerated as well as different types of containers for lumber and oil.

with all the goods coming from Asia and most containers unloading at LA... or was it Long Beach... the ep showed a train going through some mountains in California saying it was a mile and a half long and totalling 6000 tons. crazy... but cost efficient.

oil prices reached $100 a barrel today. gas price at Costco $3.249/gallon.

Men's Volleyball - UCLA 3, Ball State 1

current song: 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins on Star 101.9 FM

1st game of the 2008 season. UCLA volleyball team looked awesome as usual. think they're ranked in the top 5 (as usual). noticed the 'C' on the UCLA men's uniforms. I remember the women's volleyball team had the different colored 'C', which represents the school winning 100 NCAA championships. I think the school itself has more championships than entire conferences except for a few like the BigTen and SEC.

recording tomorrow's match against Penn State. Penn State won the women's volleyball championship this past fall against Stanford. I wanted Stanford to win... but they fell in 5 games. after losing the 1st 2 games Stanford won the 3rd and 4th games and somehow lost the 5th deciding game.

I think Stanford has almost 100 NCAA championships as well. I wonder how they'll commemorate that mark when reached. instead of Stanford on the uniforms maybe the school will have Cardinal on the jerseys and have a different 'C' too.

hmmm... when either school reaches 150 NCAA titles the uniforms could have a different 'C' and 'L' to denote 150 in Roman numerals.

24 Hour Fitness - Chest (Full Body)

current song: Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown on Hot 93.9 FM

went to 24 Hour Fitness today for the 1st time this year. wanted to do a full body workout w/ emphasis on chest... but not feeling it today.

step - 7 minutes / level 5

incline - press machine

  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 110
  • 9 / 75
  • 9 / 115
press - machine

  • 7 / 70
  • 7 / 115
  • 6 / 75
  • 6 / 120
press - rotary machine

  • 7 / 100 3x
pushdown - vbar attachment
  • 10 / 60
  • 9 / 65
  • 8 / 70
  • 10 / 100
  • 9 / 105
  • 8 / 110

03 January, 2008

Modern Marvels - Cold Cuts ep

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interesting ep. started off showing how Bologna is made. kinda gross. salami similarly made just w/ different amounts of fat, meat and spices. kinda gross too. pastrami made similar to bacon and I learned that pastrami comes from the cow belly like how bacon comes from pig bellies. so I'm wondering what other animal bellies taste good.

the ep showed this thing called meat cheese or something. basically it's made from the undesirable parts of an animal... in this case the ep showed the pig feet and pig heads making up this meat cheese. if I had to eat it I'd fry it of course.

only other interesting thing in the show was the making of tofurky.

Project Runway - Hershey ep

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ok show today... reminded me of season 2 where the contestants had to design a garden/floral outfit. Christian used the Reese's wrapping container and glued it on some fabric... sorta like how Chloe from season 2 where she glued leaves on some fabric in that floral challege. I thought Chris should have placed 1st, followed by Rami and Jillian. based on the 1st challenge from this season I had my top 3 top be (in no particular order) Carmen, Chris and Rami. so far 2 out of my original top 3 choices still in the game. in between tonight's and previous eps I like Kevin and I hope he's in the final 3.