12 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Hunting

current song: Someone Like You by Adele

Japan post-earthquake
destruction... and destruction...
and more destruction...

went to Ala Moana beach yesterday afternoon. as I drove through park behind very slow driver... looked at Pacific. seriously low tide, water looked calm and extremely clean... perhaps from tsunami effects.

after an hour following the slow driver... finally made it to the parking lot. that's when I noticed lots of peacekeeper vessels. must have gone out to sea to ride out the waves. awesome fleet of ships. several destroyers returning to port.

kicked for 15 minutes. water seriously calm and clean. awesome. I should have chilled and just watch peacekeeper vessels pass by.

anyway... got my walk on. went to wall facing Aloha Tower. no humpback activity. lots of vessels drifting... but no whales. walked to Waikiki side. several more vessels drifting... but no whales. went back to wall facing Aloha Tower. no whales... but I did see a huge fish jump out of the water. fish looked like propeller. also kept looking towards drifting vessels near Waikiki. splashing near 1 tourist boat. couple huge splashes. no spout seen. as I walked back to parking lot... thought perhaps splashes from tourists jumping off boat. then again... as I write this... why would they want to swim out there? what the frell were those 2 huge splashes?

plan to go to beach in a few minutes. 3 afternoons whale hunting and no activity.

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