16 March, 2011

V: Season 2 Finale - Mother's Day

current song: Don't You Want Me by The Human League

single released in 1981. UK #1 30 cycles ago... Jealous Guy by Roxy Music.

HI gas price
now average 4 per gallon
highest in nation

in love w/ Morena Baccarin. pic from abc.com. how can one be so beautiful? gimme some bliss. I wanna bathe in her light. mmmmm.

as of this post... looked online... not sure whether or not series will be picked up for 3rd season. gotta be positive... post title 'season 2 finale' looks better than 'series finale'.

pretty cool ep. did not expect hottie Jane Badler to be killed. loved her in original series. Marc Singer... also from original... made an appearance.

in one scene... high commander Anna tells priest that she wants to meet his God. at end of ep... when offensive hybrid child blisses planet... priest looking up to heaven... at Anna.

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