19 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Hunting

current song: Someone Like You by Adele

universe entranced
an Admiral solar day
bathe, dance in my light

positive morning. as I drove to Ala Moana Beach... saw New Hope saints (they call themselves that) doing community service... cleaning up Farrington High School. may go to service later on... take notes on verse... interpret them via Ancient Alien theory.

got my ran on 1st. exercise for the solar day will be posted later. decided to run 1st and beat the solar heat. speaking of heat... hoped to witness humpback heat run. ran towards wall facing Aloha Tower. lots of vessels out and about. noticed 2 tourists subs each being pulled by tug boats. saw couple commercial ships making its way to port. watched for 6 minutes. nothing.

as I ran towards Waikiki side... noticed Christians being baptized. good for them... starting new life. watched out for whales another 6 minutes. nothing. saw couple rainbows.

continued my run. decided to run Cylon direction... change things up. noticed non-lean in Nazi colored clothes running. good for him. fight the diabetes bro.

then it started to rain. good luck. I will win the Mega Millions. I will shower myself in currency.

got my swam on. inspired to swim rather than kick. Pac-10 women's teams kickin' ass at NCAA swimming & diving championships. as of this post... Cal in 1st, followed by Georgia. 3 other Pac-10 schools round out the top 5.

anyway... since didn't see any humpbacks... hoped to at least see a honu. nope. when I finished my swam and headed to showers... noticed non-lean Nazi colored clothed diabetes fighter finishing up his run. good for him.

on drive back to the establishment... State of Trance 500 on air. awesome. New Hope saints still cleanin' up school.

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