30 January, 2010


current song: Lean On Me by Club Nouveau on kssk 92.3 FM

single released in 1987. UK #1 23 cycles ago... Jack Your Body by Steve "Silk" Hurley.

(va-jay-)Jay Leno
what's so funny about him?
I want my Coco(a).

29 January, 2010


current song: Riverside by Sidney Samson

taxed private sector
how will that help create jobs?
stupid democrats

20 January, 2010


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huge GOP win
congratulations Scott Brown!
all smiles ear to ear

05 January, 2010


current song: Let The Bass Kick In Miami Girl by Chuckie & LMFAO

Somali pirates
perhaps that country's coast guard
top censored story

01 January, 2010

Salutations 2010

current song: Starstrukk by 3OH!3

love new cycle's eve
fireworks blanket home state
tourists shock and awe

I always wondered what mainlanders think about the madness. this dude who works at ASB moved to the islands last cycle. he and his wife shocked w/ all the fireworks and aerials. he's like: on the mainland we'd see a fireworks show... but here... it's in every neighborhood.

I personally love it. all of Hawaii in celebration. unable to see the blue blue moon tonight. watched lots of aerials explode. awesome. I do miss the old school firecrackers. everything would be covered w/ red paper. love it when unable to see lights on the mountains. love it when smoke all around.

chillaxed at a friend's parents' establishment. lots of fireworks and aerials. lots of dranks too. couldn't leave party. I wanted to chillax at friend Sheila's establishment around midnight. would've been nice to chillax on her patio and watch all the aerials explode all around the island.