12 March, 2011

Oregon - NCAA Women's Indoor Track & Field Champions

current song: Move This by Technotronic

single released in 1992. UK #1 19 cycles ago... Stay by Shakespears Sister.

quote by friend Begone:
"I ain't no carnival ride"
couldn't stop laughing

Oregon women won its 2nd consecutive track & field title. 18th NCAA title for school. 2nd title for Pac-10 this athletic season. will Pac-10 go out w/ bang and will more NCAA championships?

inspired to get my ran on. on St. Patrick's... plan to run 6.4 miles.

talked story w/ Begone yesterday. talked about how no dead animals found in aftermath of Indonesian tsunami. she mentioned that perhaps animals could sense vibrations w/ feet... so they ran for the hills. got me thinkin'. if we didn't have footwear... would humans have more sensitive feet? would we too be able to detect vibrations?

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