03 May, 2009

America's Next Top Model 12 - Doritos Bikini

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single released in 1996. UK #1 13 cycles ago... Fastlove by George Michael.

ga ga for Gaga
natural or auto-tune?
sucked ass live at BRITs

contestants happy Natalie gone... they're hatin' on her. Teyona: good she got sent home... she wasn't that great.

go-see challenge. Sao Paulo looks huge. awesome urban sprawl. Aminat: traffic ri-dunk-ulous... worse than NY and LA combined. Celia's strategy... visit designers farthest away from HQ... work her way back. does she arrive back in time? nope... DQed. Fo's DQed too for being late. doesn't matter anyway... none of the designers would book her. ouch. the other girls take helicopter ride over awesome city to meet w/ judges who announce Teyona as challenge winner. she wins clothes from the various designers. now she can wear stylish outfits to judging. in past cycles... did the go-see challenge winner win that cycle?

back at their hotel Teyona shows off her winnings. she's like: don't touch anything... I want them all. Fo's cryin': I want to win this competition soooo bad. Celia: Teyona's my greatest competition.

Nigel Barker photographer for this week's shoot. I like Allison's photo best. pic from cwtv.com. girls pose in swimsuits while standing out in a crowded beach. bikini bottom basically Doritos sized triangle... enough fabric to cover the girls' va-jay-jays. bikini tops also Doritos sized... enough fabric to cover the girls' personalities.

at panel judges in awe of Teyona's outfit... as well as her photo. Tyra tells Fo that she didn't book any designers. guest judge... a designer and former model says that Fo's 'too short'. Fo mentions that she's 5'8". from what I know about next cycle all the contestants will have to be at that maximum height. bug eyed. I love midgets... hopefully there will be one next cycle. doubt it. so if Fo couldn't get any jobs... how will the girls do next cycle?

Tyra: we'll deliberate... we'll find out which one of you is sunburned. boooo! hisss!

Teyona's called 1st. Celia and Fo in bottom 2. Fo's eliminated. Tyra explains that Fo has to learn how to use her angles... make herself look taller in photos. next cycle should be interesting.

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