19 May, 2009

24 (Day 7) - Season Finale

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24 ended it's 7th season tonight. whew!

I believed Tony to be deep deep deep undercover. basically he wanted to find out who killed Michelle. Tony meets Alan Wilson... the mastermind... and starts talkin' way too much w/ him. bug eyed when I found out Michelle died while pregnant w/ a son. I'm yellin': shoot him! Tony gets shot... Wilson taken into custody.

Wilson may get away w/ everything. nothing can connect him to any of the events. while in custody who knows what Renee did to him. when they 1st met... their eyes made me feel that they had a past connection. I assume they recreated in the interrogation room.

speaking of romance... Taylor has needs too. naughty naughty President. hottie Olivia's involvement in Hodges' death all out in the open. Henry wants to keep his family together... Taylor has to obey the constitution. I assume their marriage done. perhaps next season Ethan will be the 1st gentleman.

highlight of the finale = hottie Kim. she knows operatives out to get her. female bad ass holds knife to Kim's throat... Kim stabs bad ass in the leg. rewind. I also watched the scene where Jack slashed the throat of one bad ass... stabbed the throat of another... and choked a third... several times.

anyway... Kim's male bad ass escapes... she follows him. she sees the polizei. bad ass tries to drive away... polizei shoots... car flips over... vehicle on fire. Kim sees laptop... grabs it... bad ass grabs her arm... her jacket's ablaze. I'm yellin': stop drop roll!

Kim: I needed to get the laptop to back trace the signal. oh yeah baby... talk techie. more dirrr-tay tech lingo: they still can't source the transmission? love her. shout out to Elisha Cuthbert: when you're in Hawaii... let's get our spacer bronze on... get some dranks.

Jack's dying. Kim wants to do the experimental stem cell treatment to save her daddy. now I have to wait 8 months for the next season.

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