05 May, 2009

24 (Day 7) - 04:00 to 05:00

current song: Day 'N' Nite by Kid Cudi Vs Crookers

flu propaganda
detracts Dems dumb decisions
how Nazi clever

Janice has problems w/ racial profiling. Jack: Hodges said that their group's gonna blame the attack on a Muslim... I don't like it... runnin' out of time... I don't know a better way... if you do, then tell me now. Janice has nuthin' to say.

hottie Chloe finds out Jack's dyin'. she starts to cry. she looks hot cryin' too. rewind. yet another shout out to Mary Lynn Rajskub: next time you're in Hawaii... lets go to the beach... get our spacer bronze on... get some dranks. Chloe's gonna kick ass when she saves America. uber-hot.

Tony... who's deep deep deep undercover... and his group proceed w/ their plans. they use the Muslim dude's younger bro as leverage.

hottie Olivia hires an assassin to kill Hodges. she can't go through w/ it. Hodge's killed in transport. vehicle explosion. Jon Voight went out w/ a bang. boooo! hisss! rewind. did Aaron have something to do w/ this?

federales find innocent Muslim's apartment... w/ his younger bro held captive by hostile bad ass. they rush in... want hostile alive. younger bro breaks mirror... grabs piece... stabs hostile in neck. cool scene. rewind.

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