01 September, 2010

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 52 - Cardio 0

current song: Creep by Radiohead

single released in 1992. UK #1 18 cycles ago... Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap!

amazing walkers
fight diabetes onslaught
Admiral salutes

obsessed w/ my fight against diabetes. assumed only sedentary non-lean disease. not so. of the total cases... estimated 10% due to genetics... 90% due to unhealthy lifestyle.

always assumed my gut from dranks... spirits and carbonated beverages. diet piss? gimme a break. only drank w/ zero calories = water. poor non-leans. brainwashed from propaganda that drinking diet piss is healthier. drank water or earn your dranks.

actually pleased w/ this past month. w/ summer heat... dranks = refreshin'. lots of dranks this past month... but I know I had to earn them. 1 cycle ago... 123 unearned dranks.

haiku a tribute to those non-leans... walkin' in the heat... burnin' off calories.

spotted a severely non-lean in a 2 piece. totally illegal in all coastal states including Alaska. seriously. gulf oil spillage. then again had to think positive. I'm gonna win the Mega Millions. perhaps severely non-lean actually lost weight... perhaps she had the confidence to wear a 2 piece. good for her. she's swimming away the calories... swimming towards a diabetes free lifestyle. perhaps in a few months I won't be askin' her for fries w/ that shake. I wish her victory in all her battles.

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