16 September, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Waiola Shave Ice Filming

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single released in 1994. UK #1 16 cycles ago... Saturday Night by Whigfield.

vote Sharron Angle
defeat idiot leader
help right this country

1st Hawaii Five-0 post. filming done for the afternoon. Ward Avenue/tennis court side concession transformed to Wailoa Shave Ice.

premiere premiered last week Monday... at Waikiki. I hope show does well. state will earn currency. speaking of currency... I will win the Mega Millions.

loved Grace Park in BSG. she looked hot. looking at previews of new show... she looks ok. she looks like regular local girl.

in a Lost post... I wrote that I saw Daniel Dae Kim. he must have visited one of the law offices on my floor. I assumed either for his DUI case... or perhaps a matter dealing w/ his burger business. anyway... I know he loves the islands. he mentioned that he loves Hawaii because of its diverse ethnic background.

Magic Island parking lot frelled. lots of reserved stalls. more filming planned for tomorrow? gotta get my cell phone cam ready.

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