21 September, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Premiere

current song: One by Swedish House Mafia

vote 4 GOP
new contract w/ USA
will make country right

aerial shots of my home state = awesome. views of capital city = awesome. peacekeeper base Pearl Harbor w/ Arizona Memorial = awesome. homeless tent city along west coast = not so awesome.

surprised by pidgin spoken. surprised 'haole' said several times.

Grace Park... love her... but not as much as on BSG. she looks like a regular local girl. need to have my camera phone ready at all times for celeb sightings. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to purchase kick ass camera.

show ok. typical cop drama... except set in awesome island setting. hope show does well in ratings. will be good for local free market economy... even though current administration frelled up the national economy.

off topic... surprised by liberal friends laughing at Republicans calling themselves fiscal conservatives. compared to democrats in charge... Republicans are fiscal conservatives. w/ a Republican controlled congress... budget surplus. w/ GOP President and democrat controlled congress... deficits in the hundreds of billions. w/ democrats fully in charge... deficits in trillions. so yeah... Republicans are fiscal conservatives.

too bad Hawaii Five-0 aired the same time as Castle. kinda like that show too. gotta limit my tv viewing on week nights.

1 comment:

GreatWhiteDragon said...

This is not Jack Lord's HAWAII 5-0

Do not like Grace Park, adds zero to the cast.

I will watch two more episodes and then move on to another show in the Monday time slot. CSI-Miami where are you??????

Very little interest in script.