28 August, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Season Finale

current song: Love Never Dies by Caspa

congrats Waipio
Little League national champs
bring home world title

the sea shepherd terrorists full of shit. these socialist liberal progressives total hypocrites. cry baby bethune bitches about the Shonan Maru #2 destroying his $3 million ady gil... and yet he has no problems causing monetary damage to Japanese whale research. gimme a break.

the terrorists, for instance, attempted to aim their water cannon at the Nisshin Maru to flood its engine room w/ water. next season the Japanese researchers will be prepared for this.

in the end... according to the terrorists... they saved the lives of 500+ whales. the socialist liberal progressives... like those in the current administration... have no clue about business, about the market economy. so what if the Japanese researched less whales. the research industry will still somehow make a profit. as I posted in another entry... think about declining delicious tuna stocks. w/ supply and demand... if there's less tuna and high demand... then tuna will be more expensive. same w/ whales. Animal Planet should report economic data.

I came across an article a few weeks ago when whale wars 3 premiered. because the Japanese researched less whales... they planned on a 2nd research season. did socialist liberal progressives plan a 2nd terror campaign as well?

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