02 June, 2009

AVP Huntington Beach - Branagh/Youngs

current song: Finders Keepers by You Me At Six

private sector frelled
what about state government?
unions make me sick

AVP returned to Pac-10/MPSF country... home to best vball in the universe.

aside from lean machine Branagh... mini-muffin tops on display. close up on Kessy's bandaged side exposed her mini-muffin top. cutest mini-muffin top = April Ross. love it when her pudge jiggles when she jump serves. love her cute grunt.

on Kerri and Misty not playing, buffin top Sinjin Smith: it must be a great feeling for these players... they're takin' advantage of their absence... they're all goin' for it.

Branagh & Youngs won in 2 sets... 21-19, 21-17.

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