16 October, 2010

WAC Volleyball: #4 Hawaii 3 - San Jose State 0

current song: Te Amo by Rihanna

ladies of The View...
if they lived in Muslim world
they'd have less freedom

Hawaii's match against San Jose State = 1 sided. dominated hitting, blocking, serving, diggin'. match = boring. O'Reilly Factor much more interesting. liberal ladies of the view should shut the frell up and listen to another person's point of view. isn't that premise of the show?

Hawaii plays another conference match on Sunday. hopefully it will be more entertaining. hopefully Mafua will force other hitters to attack rather than rely on Danielson for a third of the time.

in the Pac-10... Arizona State upset #5 USC. all higher ranked Pac-10 teams won its matches against conference foes. tomorrow I get to watch #2 Stanford's 4 set win over #7 Washington.

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