17 July, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Sliced In Two

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love Bill O'Reilly
love fiscal conservatives
they'll save USA

rewind all collision scenes between one of the Japanese research ships and terrorist vessel Ady Gil. rewind all scenes showing Ady Gil in pieces. harpoon ships = amazing. awesome maneuverability. must be a sight to see it in action when researching whales.

Ady Gil prop fouled Nisshin Maru. terrorists all cheering. Japanese research vessel approaches Ady Gil. LRAD... long range acoustic device... turned on. terrorists: ooooo... they turned on their LRAD... ooooo... I'm soooo scared... ooooo. Ady Gil hit. Japanese researchers not only continue to move forward... they point their water cannons to the terrorists. rewind several times. terrorists on Bob Barker watch in shock, horror. please.

in my opinion... research vessel rammed into Ady Gil on purpose. so what!?! the terrorists deserved it. their logic escapes me. it's ok for them to attack the Japanese researchers... but when the researchers fight back... the terrorists cry like va-jay-jays.

suppose a foreign country constantly attacked Hawaii... using a helicopter to drop butyric acid on downtown Honolulu... stank up this glorious city. I would have no problems if one of our peacekeeper F-22 Raptors flew into that helicopter and destroyed it. speaking of butyric acid... I believe the Japanese invented a butyric acid cleanser.

Peter Hammarstedt = biggest va-jay-jay. he's calling the Japanese research vessel for assistance. when the Japanese start to deploy small boat, he's like: we don't need your assistance. make up your mind. afterwards, he's like: I can't wait to get the Nisshin Maru. doesn't make sense. he doesn't see anything wrong in ramming the Bob Barker or Steve Irwin into a Japanese research vessel... and yet when reversed, he's stunned.

terrorists really don't care about the environment. instead of towing the Ady Gil to some nearby weak french base... they let it sink into the ocean. environmentalists sicken me. ooooo... poor Gulf... stop offshore drilling. shut the frell up. they should only preach if they live their lives oil and oil by-products free. if they want to help out in the Gulf... how would they get there? whatever their means of travel... most likely oil will be used. gimme a break.

in next week's ep... Ady Gil's captain... terrorist cry baby Peter Bethune... will attempt to board one of the research vessels.

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