08 May, 2010

Lost 6 - The Package

current song: Vogue by Madonna

single released in 1990. UK #1 20 cycles ago... Killer by Adamski.

let Euro(pe) suffer
will US pay for Greek debt?
Portugal... Spain... next

I liked this ep. thank you Hulu.com. ep reminds me of Korean Drama. in her suite... Sun has unbuttoned the top of her blouse. scandalous. she then unbuttons again... and again. scandalous. camera close up of her personalities. bug eyed. XXX Korean porn. she and Jin recreate. too much for me.

scene where Sun at bank w/ hostile to w/draw $25K filmed at Bank of Hawaii.

I liked that this ep made fun of Lost not making sense. when bad ass Locke tells Sawyer that he can't turn into smoke and go to the other island, Sawyer's like: now that doesn't make sense. when Miles can't understand why Sun can't speak any English, Frank's like: this comes from a guy who can talk to the dead.

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