01 January, 2011

Salutations 2011

current song: Please Don't Let Me Go by Olly Murs

Happy New Cycle
in 2011...
I'll win Mega Mils

frelled from previous night. slept early... got up early... been awake since. beat. decided to stay at estate. too bad establishment not in high rise. would be nice to see aerials all across state.

love sound of fireworks. loathe sound of non-blue eyed soul neighbors singing karaoke. Polizei came for who knows what reason. too bad they didn't arrest wannabe singers.

w/ fireworks ban... thought state would go crayzay. nope. able to see lights in the valley as well as star atop 1st Hawaiian Bank building. as it approached midnight... lots of aerial explosions seen. awesome. finally at 00:02... smoke blocked lights in valley and star atop 1st Hawaiian Bank building. in cycles past... would have happened earlier.

by 00:20... lights in valley could be seen again. sad. by 00:35... could hear sound of brooms and rakes sweeping away rubbish. sad. by 0045... star atop 1st Hawaiian Bank building could be seen again. sad.

still don't understand fireworks ban. part of our island culture. illegals will make it into state anyway. if legalized all types of fireworks... at least state will earn tax revenue.

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