31 January, 2011

Pro Bowl: NFC 55 - AFC 41

current song: I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

thank you NFL
Pro Bowl boosts gross state product
state needs currency

never cared about Pro Bowl growing up. 1st time I watched, actually attended, game = 2 seasons ago when I thought that that game would be last played in islands. love fact that Pro Bowl boosts state economy. tourists come to the islands... spend currency. shitty beach weekend for those from land locked states. why? jellyfish invasion.

friend of mine gave me free tickets. I wanted to sell them. perhaps next time. pretty good seats... near 40 yard line... 16 rows up. I should post some pics. thought we would be rained out. by the time we got to stadium rain stopped. unlike last time when we sat in hot sun... overcast today. pretty cool. did my part in boosting GSP. who knows how many $11 beers I bought?

perhaps never cared for Pro Bowl because who to root for? for this game I rooted for the AFC guys in Nazi red as opposed to NFC dudes in GDR blue. it seemed like most people around me wanted NFC to win.

1st half... high scoring game... which I love... but not in good way because 1 sided. each time I got a beer... NFC scored. at 1 point... NFC lead 42-0. again... love high scoring games... but only when both teams score. we left stadium w/ NFC ahead 42-21.

must have been a wild 2nd half. then again... an AFC half.

would love to get Super Bowl tickets. I will win the Mega Millions.

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