07 November, 2009

WAC Volleyball: #3 Hawaii 3 - Fresno State 0

current song: Backstabber by DJ Remy

Fort Hood tragedy
Peacekeeper v Peacekeeper
our fallen Heroes

I will win the Mega Millions.

Hawaii decimated Fresno State in 3 sets... 25-19, 25-11, 25-13. Mafua QBed a boring offense. receive serve... pass... set to outside... repeat. if out of system... she would set Danielson. predictable.

NCAA teams will have footage of Hawaii matches. will Hawaii reveal intricate plays in the NCAAs? hope so. whether in or out of system... Mafua should force a middle or back set.

Aneli's good enough to eat muffin top on display again tonight. bipolar Kaufman's cuntitude on display as well. love watching her mood swings.

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