07 November, 2009

Pac-10 Football: Stanford 51 - #7 Oregon 42

current song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Rihanna speaks out
20 20 interview
I respect her now

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awesome high scoring offensive game. local boy... Oregon's QB Masoli... played well... completed over 50% of his passes... threw over 300+ yards w/ no INTs. Oregon receiver James... poor kid... he couldn't hold on to couple passes that would have easily been TDs. Stanford lead from the start. Luck and Gerhart kick ass.

so far this season Pac-10 seems back to normal. normal being conference teams beating each other up... knocking each other out of (mythical) national championship picture. Rose Bowl berth still up for grabs. will #12 USC remain perfect in November? will #18 Arizona make its 1st Rose Bowl appearance? lot more games left.

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