25 July, 2009

Whale Wars 2 - Desire To Fling Things

current song: Poppiholla by Chicane

Virgina-class subs
Hawaii, Texas, North Car
flex Peacekeeper might

Steve Irwin crew/eco-terrorists can't see gemini inflatable and vice versa due to worsening weather conditions. Paul H(ypocrite) tries to contact gemini. environmentalists/eco-terrorists assume Japanese jamming radio communications. would the Japanese actually do that?

kick ass communications officer Luke instructs gemini to use satellite phone. gemini sat phone doesn't work. why? battery dead. at this point I doubt the Japanese jammed communications. in my opinion the environmentalists/eco-terrorists have frelled up equipment. Luke instructs them to do something w/ an adapter. sat phone works.

coordinates reveal gemini 7 miles away from Steve Irwin... which still in pursuit of Nisshin Maru factory/research vessel. delta inflatable can't be brought back on board Steve Irwin because gemini needs to be on board 1st before delta. delta crew/eco-terrorists drenched after being hosed from powerful water cannons... they're freezing... they're feelin' unloved.

gemini can travel up to 30 knots... but going 5 knots to avoid hitting ice in the water. Steve Irwin traveling 15 knots. distance between them increasing. at this point I'm thinkin: why not bring the delta on board... give some lovin' to the delta crew/eco-terrorists... put delta back into the water while gemini catches up?

both inflatables brought on board Steve Irwin. crew/eco-terrorists have a cup of cocoa. how dare they kill plants.

Steve Irwin on tail of Nisshin Maru for 35 hours. damn. thick hull factory/research ship heads straight into ice field. Steve Irwin follows close behind in the Nisshin Maru's wake. both ships make it into clear water.

drama. 3 harpoon/research vessels appear. bug eyed. the 3 ships will protect factory/research ship. 1 harpoon/research vessel maneuvers close to the Steve Irwin for some time. Steve Irwin crew/eco-terrorists freak out... get angry... want to protect themselves.

Paul H(ypocrite): we have a right to defend ourselves... we're gonna throw stank bombs. does throwing objects for defense only apply to the environmentalists/eco-terrorists? doesn't Paul H(ypocrite) believe the Japanese whalers/researchers have a right to defend themselves too by throwing objects at the gemini inflatable that went close to their harpoon/research ship?

Steve Irwin sails under Dutch flag. Dutch ordered crew/eco-terrorists to not throw any objects from its deck. they disregard this order... throw a stank bomb which lands on one of the harpoon/research ships. if Dutch found out what happened... Steve Irwin will not sail under Dutch flag... they become pirates... Japanese can treat them as such.

Japanese ships back off.

Peter H(ypocrite) wants inflatable crew/eco-terrorists to throw a grappling hook on to the Nisshin Maru's protective netting... bring it down. that way the stank bombs can land on the ship. he must really be off. sharp object on an inflatable? inflatable crew/eco-terrorists thinkin' the same thing. they need to agree on what to do.

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