22 March, 2011

Umami Cafe

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friend Althea in town again until Thursday. the last time she came... we planned to go to pick up plate lunches... drive to Laniakea... watch na honu... and drive back to town along the west coast... hopefully see some humpbacks. supposed to have done that yesterday. what happened? she still jet lagged from her Asia trip... passed out until 12:00. myself? got up frellin' early... took a nap... more like a sleep... and got up at 16:00.

anyway for my lunch break I went to Umami Cafe. bought 2 bentos... 1) shoyu chicken and 2) chicken katsu don... each at $4.99. I planned to eat one for lunch and the other as a snack after I got my swam and ran on at the beach.

when I got back to the office Althea called sayin' that she'd drop by. I asked her what she would rather eat and she wanted the katsu. so of course I ate the shoyu chicken. bento came w/ 2 chicken thighs. kinda tough... didn't really taste like shoyu chicken... chicken kinda bloody . okay rice portion. kimchi kinda too sweet for my taste. I ate the whole bento anyway.

when she came to the office... we went back to Umami Cafe to see if she wanted something else. she was fine w/ the katsu don. since it was her birthday a few solar days ago I bought couple slices of red velvet cake. I also bought her Thai iced tea. she seemed to like it.

the red velvet cake was so so. so used to eating red velvet cupcakes that the cake's frosting didn't seem rich in comparison. cake also not as moist as a cupcake.

Althea plans to come to the office for lunch tomorrow. think we may go to Umami again. I'll just go down the menu and try something else. perhaps I'll eat the katsu don.

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