22 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Sighting

current song: Adagio For Strings by Tiesto

single released in 2005. UK #1 6 cycles ago... Is This The Way To Amarillo by Tony Christie.

for the 4th consecutive Monday... humpback activity to start the work week.

along wall facing Aloha Tower... noticed few people looking out to sea. saw several spouts. cool... at least 1 whale in area. after couple minutes... 2 whales simultaneously surfaced. cool. this happened in 1st 4 minutes chillaxin' on wall. that was it. they must have took one deep breath... deep dive.

for the next 5 minutes... far far in the distance... 3 simultaneous spouts. at least they looked like spouts. then again could have been from the waves... but Pacific calm this afternoon. as I walked away... I thought I saw a huge splash from a breach. then again... that could have been a wave too. anyway... got to see 2 whales surface once simultaneously.

when I went to Waikiki side... as I got closer... noticed 2 of the 3 non-leans who witnessed heat run last Monday. good for them... walking the diabetes away. perhaps one solar day I'll see them running.

chillaxed for 5 minutes. nothing. noticed dozens of surfers waiting for waves. again... Pacific calm. they looked like seals in the water.

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