08 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Sighting

current song: Price Tag by Jessie J

under 28 minutes for -athlon running path. misleading. run not constant.

whale watched for 8 minutes along wall facing Aloha Tower. spotted 1 whale spout 2x and surface once near a drifting vessel.

ran to Waikiki side. immediately spotted 3 simultaneous spouts. coolness. 3 whales in area. watched them for 8 minutes. judging from positions of drifting vessels... perhaps whale I saw sitting on wall probably one of these 3 beasts. appeared to be 2 whales in pursuit of another. multiple spouts and surface sightings.

completed -athlon path. decided to earn another drank. ran for 14+ minutes. as I walked along wall... nothing. ran towards Waikiki side. whale hunted for 4 minutes. nothing.

relaxed in parking lot. spotted vessels drifting. too far to see any spouts or surface sightings. hoped to see breach. nothing.

so far this month... went to beach 4x... whale activity 3x. not bad.

hope to see an Ash Wednesday humpback heat run or breach.

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