04 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Sighting

current song: Memories by David Guetta

so far... went to Ala Moana Beach 2x this month. whale activity on those afternoons.

as I wrote in previous post... difficult to get into running rhythm when I want to whale hunt. as I walked along wall facing Aloha Tower... spotted 2 simultaneous spouts. for 7 minutes... watched multiple spouts and surface sightings.

ran towards Waikiki side. spotted 3rd whale. for another 7 minutes... watched whale spout 2x... surface 2x.

after completed run... friend Aria called... wanted to go walking and whale hunting. talked story on wall facing Aloha Tower. nothing. walked towards Waikiki. talked story. nothing.

plan to go to beach again this Sunday. hopefully will get to see whale breach. better yet... a horny humpback heat run.

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