21 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Sighting - Spring Begins

current song: True Faith by George Michael

friend Aria called... wanted to get her exercise on. told her that I already went in the morning. she said that she would pick me up and so I went again. she kicks ass. she knows about my Battle of the Bulge... about counting and earning dranks... about not buying dranks to store in my car cooler during Lent. what did she do? she bought me a huge drank from McDonald's.

after we got our swam on... chillaxed, relaxed, and talked story on Magic Island wall facing Aloha Tower. sun already set. thought I saw spout. then nothing for a while. then we saw huge spout. huge humpback in area. then nothing for a while. noticed huge brown tourist vessel drifting. noticed camera flashes going off. finally... after some time... spout and whale surface sighting.

brown vessel still drifting. camera flashes still going off. whale may have been behind vessel for we saw nothing. huge white vessel returning to port. white vessel drifting as well. camera flashes going off too. yet saw nothing. at least we got to see 1 surface sighting.

post label includes 'Spring Begins' since that's what's on my 1st Hawaiian Bank calendar. thought about putting 'Equinox' in the title... but I need to be consistent w/ the calendar.

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