20 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Hunting

current song: Buzzin Remix by Mann

got up frellin' early this morning. what to do? Ala Moana beach of course.

chillaxed on wall facing Aloha Tower. like yesterday... noticed 2 tourists subs being towed by tug boats. oh... got my Christian on yesterday. went to New Hope service... pastor talked about some story about some dude in the belly of the whale. now... applying Ancient Alien theory thought... perhaps whale = underwater vessel like submarine... but ancients didn't know how to describe vessel other than it being a whale.

speaking of whales... none seen. went to Waikiki side. chillaxed for bit. nothing there too.

friend Althea in town for a few solar days. hopefully she'll get to see whale activity before she leaves.

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