01 March, 2011

Humpback Whale Heat Run

current song: Not Giving Up On Love by Van Buuren vs Ellis Bextor

in previous post... forgot to mention that after I got my aquatic on... while I sat and chillaxed on my TYR kickboard... saw honu surface 3x. he must have been piggin' out on jellyfish.

got my ran on. as I approached the wall facing Aloha Tower... immediately saw spouts. coolness. walked towards end of wall. couple parasailers in area. surprised to see whales across Aloha Tower. watched for 8 minutes. multiple spouts and surface sightings.

continued my ran towards Waikiki. thought I saw steamship. had to look again. huge spouts from at least 3 whales. frellin' heat run. awesome. simultaneous violent spouts... simultaneous surface sightings. frellin' awesome.

Korean couple approached me. told them lookin' at whales. they ooohed and aaahed. awesome sight to see. 4 tourist vessels approached horny humpbacks. thought would witness breach. nope. more multiple violent spouts and surface sightings. because in middle of my run... only watched for 8 minutes.

after I ran my -athlon path... decided to run another 14+ minutes to earn another drank. 2nd time along wall facing Aloha Tower... nuthin'. 2nd time near Waikiki side... nuthin'.

overall... positive end to February. 1 honu sighting... and at least 5 humpback sightings. plan to go whale hunting again tomorrow.

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