22 March, 2011

Hawaii Five-0 - Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio

current song: Love Shack by The B-52s

3.999 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

malasadas plug. will Leonard's see an increase in sales? hopefully. need people to spend currency to boost GSP.

comic conventions filmed at convention center. how much did these extras get paid for dressing up in costumes? hopefully they spend the extra currency to boost GSP.

at convention... boys asking people help to locate girl to question. Danno calls black dude in Star Trek uniform captain Kirk. black dude's like: any see any brutha's on Star Trek? white boys: there's Uhura. black dude: she ain't no brutha... she just answered the phones... I'm from Deep Space 9. still waiting to see how liberal liberal Hollywood is. will show ever use the word popolo as frequently as haole? I doubt it.

boys have a lead. head to Kailua beach. last went there w/ friend Sheila. heard of monk seal sighting. she picked me up... drove there... no monk seal sighting. we did see a Portuguese man-of-war on shore. pretty cool.

bridge where McGarrett got intel on CIA hottie located in Chinatown.

surprised show didn't change name of Club Femme Nu. hopefully that place gets more business too. pump currency into GSP.

Mark Dacascos makes an appearance. he does have a sweet job on Iron Chef America. all he does is eat.

I actually enjoyed this ep.

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