20 March, 2011

California - NCAA Women's Swimming & Diving Champions

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NCAA championships basically a Pac-10 meet. 4 out of the top 5 schools from the conference. all 4 also AAU members. frellin' awesome. Cal won its 2nd national title. USC #3, Pac-10 conference champion Stanford #4, and Arizona #5.

out of 21 events... the Pac-10 won 8. since I have the estate to myself... stayed in. bored... wondered if this were the Olympics... how much medals the Pac-10 would have won? looking up final results... Pac-10 would have won 30 medals... 8 golds, 8 silver, and 14 bronze... by far the most of any conference.

NCAA championship inspired me to actually swim again. since the holidays... for the past few months... I've been using my TYR kickboard. I've actualy started to get my swam on. I remember last season... or perhaps the season before... the Pac-10 and NCAA championships inspired me to swim 1.50 miles. men's swimming and diving championships this week. perhaps I'll be inspired to swim that distance again.

w/ Cal's aquatic title... the Pac-10 has won 3 NCAA championships this academic season. so far 2 for 2 in the aquatic events.

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