23 March, 2011

Cake Couture / So Gong Dong / Cinnabon

current song: True Faith by New Order

single released in 1987. UK #1 24 cycles ago... Everything I Own by Boy George.

friend Althea didn't come to glorious downtown Honolulu today for lunch. still jet lagged from her Asia trip. she wanted to go out to dinner instead.

thank you Cake Couture for opening up downtown location. since Althea's birthday few solar days ago... bought her 2 cupcakes... red velvet and turtle... for her after dinner dessert. I bought 2 cupcakes for myself... orange creamsicle and turtle... for immediate consumption. cupcakes moist... but for me... all about the frosting. orange creamsicle frosting not so creamy. similar to vanilla cupcake. okay... but wouldn't purchase it again. now... turtle cupcake kicked ass. moist chocolate cupcake w/ ganache frosting sprinkled w/ nuts and drizzled w/ caramel. frellin' mmmmm. would purchase turtle cupcake again.

pigged out at So Gong Dong... a Korean restaurant... for dinner. must have had about 8 different side dishes. tried them all... but pigged out on kimchi and seaweed. friend of ours couldn't eat all her rice. too bad she didn't give me her bowl earlier in the evening. I could've made my own bibimbap w/ all the side dishes.

ordered a lot. fried mandoo = onolicious. kalbi = onolicious... ate every piece of meat off the bones... only leaving bones. meat jun = onolicious... very tender. oyster jun = onolicious. bulgogi = onolicious. soondubu looked onolicious. stir fried rice cake in hot sauce = onolicious. no KDrama celebs in da house.

afterwards Althea wanted to go to Ala Moana to shop for gifts to bring back home to San Francisco. walked off the calories. fought diabetes onslaught. she treated me to a Cinnabon. mmmmm... onolicious.

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