01 March, 2011

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 132 - Cardio 0

current song: Kidz by Take That

$3.559 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

unearned dranks outta control. plan of attack for March... stop buying frelling dranks. I do so much frellin' -athlons... so much cardio... yet unearned dranks keep going up and up and up... similar to federal deficit.

republicans have the right idea... cut spending. democrats want to freeze spending levels. gimme a break. don't know exact numbers... but if from 2008... federal spending increased by $1 trillion each fiscal cycle until 2010... which means a total $2 trillion increase... a freeze in federal spending won't make sense becuase it increased by $2 trillion. has revenue increased to match increase in spending? frell no.

so... like the GOP plan of attack to cut spending... I will stop buying dranks. there's only so much -athlons and cardio I can do to earn these dranks.

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