12 February, 2011

Humpback Whale Sighting

current song: C'mon by Tiesto Vs Diplo / Busta Rhymes

yesterday afternoon... planned on meetin' friends for dranks. as soon as I left my work building's parking structure... saw rain drops on windshield. drove straight to beach. by the time I reached parking lot... torrential rain. canary Cylon triathletes not there. thought: brown water advisory? nah... downpour just started. by the time I finished changing... rain stopped. Pacific Ocean calm and void of people. had ocean to myself. kicked in shallows.

since beach empty... assumed paths empty too. frell the dranks. decided to go whale hunting.

as I walked towards wall... vessel drifting... huge spout... then surface sighting. looked like 2 whales in area. Sam... as in Samaritan... I am. pointed out to older lady where to look for whales. whales cooperated... multiple spouts and surface sightings. awesome.

relaxed at end of wall, which I had all to myself. more spouts and surface sightings. awesome.

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