04 February, 2011

Humpback Whale Sighting - Chinese New Cycle

current song: Hollywood by Michael Buble

positive start for the Chinese New Lunar Cycle. xin nian kuai le!

1st pass... noticed para-sailer out and about. then... huge splash. thought para-sailer plummeted into ocean. nope... immediately saw couple spouts. frell... missed humpback breach. relaxed on wall. more spout sightings. coolness.

2nd pass... noticed few vessels drifting. near couple boats... 3 whales seen. 2 surfaced while 1 spouted. awesome. near another boat... 1 surface sighting. at least 4 whales in area. relaxed on wall. multiple surface sightings and spouts. awesome.

final pass... wall crowded. continued to walk. as I looked out... 1 surface sighting. humpback must have gone down deep. saw its flukes.

awesome red orange sunset.

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