24 February, 2011

Humpback Whale Lunge

current song: Shine A Light by McFly & Taio Cruz

as I ran my -athlon path... walked along wall facing Aloha Tower to hunt for whales. no activity. ran towards Waikiki side... thought I saw something... could have been waves playing tricks on eyes.

then... splash splash splash splash splash. activity. soon after... witnessed humpback lunge. awesome. hardcore Cylon triathletes passed by... 1 of them greeted me. didn't they see the whale lunge? anyway... gave myself only 7 minutes to rest and watch whales. multiple spouts and surface sightings. awesome.

completed -athlon running path. sun did not set yet... still early. decided to run 14+ minutes to earn another drank. wall facing Aloha Tower crowded... ran towards Waikiki side. noticed vessel drifting. 1 humpback surfaced couple times. told tourist humpback in area. hopefully he got to see whale activity.

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