23 February, 2011

Humpback Whale Breach - Washington's Birthday

current song: Kidz by Take That

rather than run my -athlon path... took walk around Magic Island. walked 3.10+ miles. drank earned.

1st lap... as I approached wall facing Aloha Tower... spotted at least 3 whales. 2 simultaneous spouts while a 3rd surfaced. relaxed. multiple spouts and surface sightings.

2nd lap... wall facing Aloha Tower crowded... continued to walk towards Waikiki side. good move. huge breach. huge splash. awesome. looked like 2 whales in area. each in different spots. multiple spouts and surface sightings.

final lap... gettin' late. wall facing Aloha Tower still crowded... w/ people trying to look at not so spectacular sunset. on Waikiki side... the 2 lone whales still in area. saw 1 whale surface 2x... saw 2nd whale spout.

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