08 February, 2011

Hawaii Five-0 - E Malama

current song: Hypest Hype by Chase & Status

$3.459 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

Liliha bakery plug. coco puffs. mmmmm. Grace Park needs to eat lots of those. she's still lookin' thin.

opening scene shot in downtown... near King Kamehameha statue. haven't seen any celebs walkin' around downtown during their filming break.

still amazed w/ aerial shots of home state. green forests look awesome. vast areas of unspoiled land to be commercialized, developed and urbanized.

too bad witness in custody not seen torching bad asses via lighter and aerosol can. witness' blond lawyer = hottie.

okay ep. nice seeing different side of island... mountains instead of oceans.

Five-0 rescues witness... brings her to courthouse... but wait... there's 10 minutes left in ep. you know something's gotta happen. kinda hot fight between blond opposing council and Grace Park.

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