01 February, 2011

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 119 - Cardio 0

current song: Who's That Chick? by David Guetta

119 unearned dranks compared to 95 from the start of the new cycle. worse... 119 unearned dranks compared to 81 from the start of February, 2010. I have to seriously earn my dranks. will begin in earnest this Thursday... the Chinese new lunar cycle. that solar day... will start realizing -athlons and hitting the gym. hmmm... more simple solution = cut down on dranks.

my goal for this month = earn more dranks than unearned dranks. hopefully... by the start of March... Coke 118 - Cardio 0. otherwise... I would have to start wearing purple... blend in w/ all the non-leans who look like Grimace.

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