29 January, 2011

MPSF Volleyball: #3 BYU 3 - #7 UC Irvine 0

current song: Like A G6 by Far East Movement on da bomb 102.7 FM

sober girls around me they be actin' like they drunk.

either BYU looks good... or Irvine shitty. surprised by sweep. surprised by Mormon students in stands actin' non-Mormon... heckling Irvine players.

#11 Hawaii at #15 UCSD. lost in 5 sets. Hawaii will play at Provo. get to watch match on BYU network.

#2 Stanford won in 3 sets at #13 Northridge.

#1 USC won in 4 sets at #4 UCLA. USC still perfect at 6-0 overall and in MPSF play.

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