29 January, 2011

Humpback Whale Hunting

current song: Show Me by Cover Girls on 93.9 FM jamz

single released in 1987. UK #1 24 cycles ago... Jack Your Body by Steve "Silk" Hurley.

after kickboarding for a few minutes... still early in the afternoon... decided to go whale hunting.

had entire end of wall to myself. lots of vessels out and about. focused on few drifting. water calm. humpbacks would have been easy to see.

relaxed and chillaxed for about 15 minutes. no activity.

when I went back to parking lot... friendly lifeguard mentioned that she'll tell me of any monk seal sightings. she said that normally when one is seen sunning... it stays at the same spot for the entire solar day. coolness.

seen na honu... seen whales... seen dolphins. now I gotta see a monk seal.

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