15 January, 2011

Humpback Whale Hunting

current song: Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty

brown water advisory this afternoon. when reached beach parking lot... looked out for hardcore cylon triathletes... my ocean safety canaries. noticed they gettin' ready for their ran. frell... no swimming today.

friend Aria called about same time. she said that she wanted to get her walk on... hopefully see humpback activity. both of us still in awe from yesterday's breach.

no horny humpbacks seen this afternoon.

did see lots of non-leans in lavendar outfits. I joked that these non-leans once looked like Grimace. as they shed their pounds... their purple garments fade... making them look less and less like Grimace. Aria noticed that all non-leans in lavendar had baggy clothing. non-leans losing weight. good for them. fight the diabetes onslaught.

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