02 January, 2011

Humpback Whale Hunting

current song: Sea Of Heartbreak by Kapena on island 98.5 fm

tried to start new cycle by turning over new leaves. w/ so many leaves to turn... told myself I need to turn over an Amazon forest.

for the past several haiku... I wrote about my disgust when I see non-lean obese people dressed in purple... lookin' like Grimace.

as friend Aria put on her walkin' shoes... I spotted a non-lean woman in a purple dress. it has not been 1 solar day and I vocalized my disgust. to Aria: damn! want fries w/ that shake? that leaf needs to be turned again.

no humpback activity this morning. we hoped to find a new cycle humpback. chillaxed and talked story for about half an hour. no activity... not even 1 single spout sighting. perhaps they'll be out and about tomorrow.

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