19 January, 2011

Humpback Whale Breach

current song: Rolling In The Deep by Adele

got funk in my bod. coughin' up nice colors. did medical waste spill on leeward coast make its way to Ala Moana beach? who knows? water clear and awesome. besides... already infected w/ funk.

initially planned to complete an -athlon and exercise at 24. after friend Aria and I got out of water... beat. decided to take it easy... go for a walk... humpback whale hunt.

as Aria and I approached wall... we noticed tourist boat drifting. being wannabe marine biologists... we knew whales must be in area. sat on open bench. chillaxed... talked story... looked out to sea bug eyed.

spotted humpback surface. awesome. calf playin' around. awesome.

brought out inner Sam... as in Samaritan... or perhaps Al... as in Aloha... from w/in. pointed out to tourist couple the humpback activity.

spotted honu nearby. who cares? humpbacks in area.

Aria and I took turns using restroom... didn't want to give up bench. when she went to do her thang... I witnessed calf breach 5x in a row. frellin' awesome. when I went to to my thang... she witnessed breach 4x. coolness.

noticed tourist boat speeding towards Waikiki. idiot captain must have been oblivious to humpbacks in area. whales swimming away from vessel = awesome. multiple lunges and spouts.

fluent English speaking Japanese tourist couple asked me to take their pic w/ sunset in background. I pointed out the whales. they didn't seem impressed. we laughed because perhaps they eat these gentle beasts. it would be as if someone pointed out cows on hillside to me... I wouldn't give a frell.

glad I decided to take it easy. otherwise I would have missed out on all the humpback activity. now we're just looking foward to witness heat run.

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