14 January, 2011

Humpback Whale Breach

current song: When Love Takes Over by David Guetta

single released in 2009. UK #1 2 cycles ago... Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

few solar days since I last got my aquatic on. planned to ignore brown water advisory... but while changing in parking lot... noticed water near yacht harbor actually brown. went up for closer look. frellin' gross.

water safety indicator... the hardcore cylon triathletes... passed on their swam... got their ran on. yesterday they didn't go into water because of man-of-war... got their ran on. I followed their lead. again... great indicators of water safety.

called friend Aria. she said that she could go for a walk... and humpback hunting.

thank you brown water. amazing show this afternoon. at 1st we saw several spouts. thought initially to be from 1 whale. then 2 spouts at once. since we're wannabe marine biologists... we knew it to be a mamma and her calf. awwww.

then several surface sightings of mamma and her calf.

then we saw several fin slappings from calf.

I thought I saw a pedunkle. assumed horny males in area. possible heat run. ooooo.

then several tail slappings/lobster tailings.

then finally... a breach. whale breached 3x. frellin' awesome.

unsure if witnessed heat run because I thought there to be several whales. friend Aria thought it to be just mamma and her calf playin' around. who cares? witnessed breach.

next brown water advisory... gonna go humpback hunting again. awesome.

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