04 January, 2011

Discover Orange Bowl: #5 Stanford 40 - #12 Virginia Tech 12

current song: Please Don't Let Me Go by Olly Murs

3rd time watching an orange bowl... all during BCS era w/ Pac-10 team playing in game. 1st = Rose Bowl match up between USC and Iowa... 2nd = mythical championship game between USC and oklahoma... 3rd = tonight's game. Pac-10 teams all victorious in routs.

Stanford's offense on display through air and ground. growing up watching Pac-10 games... who cares about defense? just score more points than the other team to win. actually kinda impressed w/ Stanford's defense. VA tech shut out in 2nd half.

highlight = Stanford tree.

2nd highlight... announcer: look at Taylor's parents watching him play. laughin' cuz his mamma has her eyes closed. announcer #2: hey... that's how my mom used to watch me.

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