06 December, 2010

Spartakiad 9 - Berlin

current song: Memories by David Guetta

Spartakiad 9 will begin as soon as I exercise my way into London. supposed to have biked, rowed, ran, swam, played volleyball, and walked into the city today. nope. 93.25 more miles to go. after a solar day of rest... on to Berlin.

looked online for distance between London and Berlin. several sites showed distance by air or by car. took an average of 1st 10 links. 599 miles.

Spartakiad 8 still ongoing. so far... exercised an average of 10.95 miles per solar day. if I maintain this average... I should reach Berlin in 54 solar days. will continue sprint -athlons and pull ups challenges. Spartakiad 9 goals based on Spartakiad 8 numbers as of today.

Spartakiad 9 - Berlin (0/54)
  • 20 lbs weight gain
  • 8 biathlons
  • 8 triathlons
  • 8 quadrathlons
  • 324 pull ups

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