03 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #7 Hawaii 3 - Portland State 0

current song: Atlas Air by Massive Attack

I'm in the car yellin': let's go bows! let's go bows! let's go bows! tuned into 1420 am. score late in 1st set... Portland ahead. what the frell? will Portland win 1st set?

took advantage of Macy's friends & family discount. then chillaxed at my building. by the time I got into car to go back to estate... match over. I assumed UH won in 3. bug eyed. then again in WAC tournament... UH lost in 3 to Utah State. bug eyed.

checked online scores. whew. UH swept Portland. whew.

recorded match and watched it after #11 Washington's victory over #23 Michigan. Pac-10 1 - big ten 0.

match appeared to be very fast paced. pretty good rallies. 3rd set... Hawaii dominated. hopefully Hawaii dominates UW in 2nd round. let's go bows! let's go bows! let's go bows!

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