12 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #4 California 3 - #11 Washington 0

current song: Lassitude by DJ Fresh & Sigma

awesome match between 2 of the top public universities. treated to offensive display. attack after attack after attack. defenders from each team dug balls w/ ease. transition attack = awesome.

hottie Carli Lloyd kicked ass w/ her blocking skizills. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to travel to mainland... watch national championship. friend Aria and I each have visions of ourselves giving our girl Carli lots of leis.

hottie Holly McPeak called match... yet did not see her on camera. she mentioned Cal's academic reputation drew her to that school. she also mentioned how coach Feller turned the Cal program around. awesome.

recap of other regional finals aired. highlight seein' Falyn Fonoimoana kickin' ass. total clutch player.

#24 Purdue lost to #6 Texas. Purdue senior setter went down and out w/ injury. Purdue won 1st set... Texas went on to win next 3. personally looking forward to Pac-10 big ten final match.

3rd set... Cal blocks = awesome. Correy Johnson = awesome. 6'4" attacker from sec country. she kicked ass. Cal won 3rd set easily.

semifinal match against Pac-10 rival #5 USC should be interesting. Cal lost both of its conferences matches against USC. then again... USC lost both its league matches against Stanford and won.

Pac-10 match will be the 2nd semifinal. is NCAA making it difficult for Pac-10 team to win it all?

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