10 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #4 California 3 - #12 Minnesota 0

current song: Together by Pet Shop Boys

watched match online. freak. got to see hottie Carli Lloyd and her girls play again. early in 1st set... hottie Carli Lloyd blocked ass. awesome. w/ Cal leading 13-8, announcer: Tarah Murrey still has no kills. awesome. other girls stepped up. towards end of 1st set... Cal trailed 22-23... felt like shittin' in my slacks. Cal won set... 26-24... thanks to Minnesota attack that went out. whew.

kept looking at other match scores. freak. looked like Pac-10 vs big ten tournament. #24 Purdue swept #1 Florida. 0 out of 6 sec teams made it to quarters.

took break. relaxed. 2nd set... Cal trailing 12-15 at media timeout. damn. announcers talked about Pac 10 physique vs big ten physique. bug eyed. realized Pac-10 players lean compared to burly girls from big ten. Cal coach Feller likens Minnesota to #5 USC. bug eyed. Cal lost both of its league matches to USC.

Minnesota does look physical. from certain angles... Minnesota offense looked complex. trailing 17-22, Cal called its final timeout. Murrey served out the match. reminds me of Pac-10 match between Cal and USC where USC led late in a set, Cal served to win set, eventually win match. relieved at this point... feelin' of shittin' in my slacks gone. believed Cal would win match in 3. oh... 2nd set point = Murrey ace. awesome.

3rd set... Cal trailed 21-23. feelin' of shittin' in my slacks returned. announcers: Cal continues to serve Whitman... poor girl... she's only a freshman... will Minnesota take her out of passing rotation? who knows why I wrote this?... just popped into head. Cal goes on to win match. each set Cal came from behind... each set won by 2 points. whew.

so far in NCAAs... Pac-10 4 - big ten 1. 3 Pac-10 teams in quarters. should go to estate and watch #11 Washington vs #3 Nebraska.

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